Ancient Artifacts Portfolio

This page is specifically to display some of my work for those interested in seeing it all in one place besides my shops on Etsy and my Flickr site. I will be adding to it frequently as I get the hang of these new blogger pages.

Almost Artifacts

Faux Ivory Carved with Zechariah 14:9 Part of the Alienu : "And the L-RD shall be King over all the earth; in that day shall the L-RD be One, and His name one"

 Ten Commandment necklace. Each vial holds a commandment written in Ancient Hebrew
Photographed against a vintage Judaic Press plate of a Bar Mitzvah laying Teffilin.

Torah Scroll necklace with Carved verse in Ancient
Hebrew The V'ahavtah, Love your Neighbor as Yourself

 Ancient Faux Granite Tablet Mezuzah with the Shema hand Carved in Ancient Paleo Hebrew across the bands binding the scroll to the tablet.

Carved Faux Ancient Stone handle Challah knife with 'For the bread of Shabbat' on both sides


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