Monday, May 31, 2010

Artemisia's Richard Shilling Challenge

I meant to pass this on before the last minute (Emanda forgive me) but this month has gotten away from me. I've been back doing some teaching unexpectedly and so many things had to be put on hold. But a quick look through my blog list reminded me that Emanda was having a Bracelet Challenge this month using the wonderful natural works of art by Land Artist, Richard Shilling.

I love anything to do with nature as you all know and this was right up my alley. I had an idea of what I wanted to do when I saw Emanda's post at the beginning of the month. But it slipped my mind and when I remembered this weekend and went to double check on the post, I realized that I had been thinking it was a jewelry challenge and not specifically a bracelet challenge. So my entry went from the icy snowy trees that I was going to turn into earrings using beads and some recycled plastic, to going with the one that really caught my eye, the fall leaf ladder.

I really love stones though so it was hard to resist doing that but time is what made my choice for me. The idea seemed to fall into place rather quickly for which I am grateful since I've spent all weekend working on a bead order that I will tell you about later in the week. But I did manage to get this done and photographed between thunderstorms outside.

My choice of inspiration piece is titles 'Mayday Colour Totem' as seen above. I loved the way the sun was coming through the leaves. It reminded me of a Mystery Monday photo I had awhile back of a croton leaf with the sunlight shining through it lighting up all it's wonderful veining and colors.

I tried to capture that back lit look as best I could using Alizeran red, Lemon Drop and Wasabi. I imprinted each hand formed leaf with a skeleton leaf to make it more realistic. I also wanted to capture the sticks they were strung on and used wooden beads for spacers and bamboo to round out the back. I decided that on my totem leaves there rested a little dragonfly from a pond nearby.

Thanks Emanda for this great challenge and for introducing Richard to many whom I think will be inspired in many ways!

The last photo for the Mystery Monday for May follows this post. Since they were both posted the same day, they ran them together for some reason! :)

Today's photo is not exactly Memorial Day colors but think of it as the end to a beautiful weekend and this is the sunset! I hope you all have had a wonderful 3 day weekend. We got to spend some wonderful time at the lake, and even saw two red foxes! It must be the time for red foxes to be about because last week I looked out my front window where I sit and write to you from and there was a red fox trotting across the lawn not more than 8 feet from my narrow from porch! I grabbed my camera but only got a chance to snap his back legs and tail but it was a bit startling!

Yesterday I attended a lovely Memorial Day ceremony with my Vietnam Veteran Husband, one of which the likes I've never seen before. It was almost 3 hours long and gave honor to those who have served and to those still serving. It was very inspiring especially today when the veterans are barely a second thought on Memorial Day weekend which usually means shopping and picnics for most.

And today I hope to maybe take advantage of some of these sales once I get my work done in the studio, as we need a new AC, the one we have is so old and it's been in the very high 80's the past few days again.

So here is the last in the series for May. I choose this portion as I love the colors in it and hope it will inspire you to take a bit of time on this long weekend and devote is to art of some sort.

Now this week is a bit different. You will still email my your guess for what this could be. That will be entered into the general drawing. Then for a special drawing of all correct guesses, please send me a separate email (so I don't get them mixed up or miss anybody) with your guess of what all five of these pictures come from. Remember it is a single picture I have cropped into five different sections. Now you have to put them all together and see what you think it is.

Here's a reminder so you won't have to go searching for all the posts:

All correct guesses will be in a special drawing for one of my new spring beads and an assortment of bead soup ingredients to go with it!

You have until June 6th at midnight to make your guesses and the winner(s) will be announced on Monday June 7th.

For anyone that is new to my blog and/or this giveaway contest please see this post for instructions.

Remember: This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. This is the fifth and last photo. Have Fun!

I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day spent with family and friends or have fun shopping! But remember a vet you may know today and thank Him or Her for their service to our country, it will mean more to them then you could ever image.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogger Pages Comments

Hello my wonderful blog followers!

I have begun to use the new Blogger feature, Pages. I have made some and now have them at the top of the Blog which can be accessed from every page.

So far I have a page of a portfolio type of my art work which I have for sale in my AlmostARTifacts shop.

The next page is a listing of all the wonderful OWOH participants, a wonderful list of blogs of very creative people!

Treasury Page, I've started this page so as not to clutter up the main blog, but to have a record in one place of some of the wonderful Treasuries my art has been featured in. It also serves as a wonderful inspiration and color palette when searching for something fresh!

And last but certainly not least of my pages for now is my Team T International Page. Here is where you will find a list of all the Members of the now official TeamT international. It is a team of various artists in various categories that love to make treasuries and promote their fellow members.

Each month I try and highlight a good percentage of the members artwork.

I created this post for comments from any of the pages, or any critiques if you will!

I hope you enjoy them and maybe leave me a comment about ideas for other pages you'd be interested in seeing on my blog!

Thanks and have a Joy Filled Creative Day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mystery Monday May 24 Number 4 in Series

This month we are doing it a bit different, you can read about it here.

This photo is number 4 in the series.

Remember: This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. This is the fourth photo. Have Fun!

Next week I'll reveal the last photo and ask you for your final quess!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carnival Bloggers June Surprise!

Ancient Metal Fish Fossil Necklace by Organic Odysseys

This month's theme for the ABS Carnival Bloggers is 'Growth' you can read what the B group has to say about Growth in their art by clicking here.

Since this coming month in June Milwaukee is hosting the Bead and Button show and many of our writers are attending the show Cindy decided to try something different. Those not attending are going to be making a Statement piece in honor of the Bead and Button Show.

We will be revealing our statement pieces on Thursday June 3rd, two weeks from today, so stay tuned to this space on that date to see what I come up with as well as links to all the others participating:

Janel Dudley
Patty Lakinsmith
Cindy Wimmer
Cindy Dolezal
Lyn Foley
Jen Judd
Kate Clawson
Mary Harding
Jeannie Dukics
Mary Lou
Chris Hansen
Cindy Gambrone

Nicole Keller


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Recycled Repurposed Wipe Container Tutorial

I know I've been promising for awhile to share some recycling ideas with you. But I have too many ideas in my head and in so many areas but never enough time! But I did snap some pictures for you for this project.

Because of my health issues I keep antibacterial wipes all around my house and also have one in each car. I even use these when working with my polymer clay as they remove the clay from all surfaces very well.

The problem is all these leftover containers that I feel guilty about each time I toss one in the recycle bin. It is a #2 PET and can be recycled into all kinds of things but I wanted to try my hand at some home recycling first, there will always be plenty to add to the bin! So I am sure you have had your share of these, next time you use one up save it for this project.

Items needed: One empty washed out moist towelette container
X-acto knife
Artwork and scrap paper for template
Tape and or glue And a ruler or measuring tape

Mine wipe containers are 40 count and I noticed that both my local grocery stores (different ones) must use the same manufacturer as once you get the label off you can see they are exactly the same.

What ever brand you use it must have this kind of towel dispenser, some of the name brands won't work.

You will now need to remove the inner flange that holds the towels in the ready to pop out position. To do this you need to use the X-acto knife and CAREFULLY!

Hold the top of the container with your non dominant hand with a good solid grip. Don't let your fingers near the bottom part as the knife could slip and give you a nasty cut! you will start cutting from the top of the flange piece keeping your knife up against the inside rim. Go slowly, take your time. When you've cut halfway down, stop and reposition your non-dominant hand so that it still remains as far away from the knife as possible.

When you are done it will look like this. You can save the part you cut away for a cool red mustache project!

Now You will want to use your X-acto blade to carefully slice down the paper label and then tear it off. There will be some glue left from where they attached it but as long as you get the paper off you don't have to be too particular with getting the glue off, it will be covered in the next step.

Now you will take some art work of your own, photographs (best color copied at a copy shop) or magazines, books, any paper ephemera you have or find some nice scrap-booking scraps you have and use them for this. I used some pictures from a Under sea book with beautiful artwork. This is a way to enjoy artwork from coffee table books all the time instead of the occasional look through once a year or so.

Now you will notice that the container has a rim on the top and on the bottom, this is where you will fit your artwork. Measure the circumference by taking a tape measure or using a piece of string and then measuring that against a ruler (don't use yarn it can stretch and give you an inaccurate measurement).

Now using your ruler you want to measure from the top of the bottom of the rim to the bottom rim. This is a recessed area where the original label went. Write both measurements down on the scrap paper indicating the height and width. The label usually doesn't cover that entire area but you should do this if your artwork will allow to make a smoother presentation.

Now measure out on your scrap paper these two dimensions and cut out your template. Now check it against the container to make sure it fits right. Once you have your template fitted you will now use this to cut out your artwork. Place your template over your artwork and hold up to the light to center it in the best position. Then trace around it with a pencil on the wrong side. Cut it out and place around the container. You can glue it on but be careful with bumps, I used clear packing tape to tape my ends together. If your artwork is shorter, it doesn't matter as you will be using these only facing one direction.

Now you have a beautiful container to put anywhere and keep just about anything in! Here are some of the ones I've made. In the right hand one it is still being used as a moist towel holder that I keep on my work table. Once the towels are used up I will just replace them with a fresh roll so my towel holder on my art table will inspire instead of detract!

The left one holds small squares of paper toweling I use when I paint my beads and other polymer clay components. They used to be all over my work space and took up too much room and clutter, now they are neat and pretty to look at and easy to find as well!

See what Ideas you can come up with to use yours for! And share with me in the comment section, I'd love to hear from you!

If you want to use them all together with art supplies you can print off labels and tape to them over you art work so you can easily grab what ever you need .


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great New Shampoo Discovery!

There's always something new on the market of beauty and health aids. I don't usually pay much attention to all the hub-bub about each new thing, but I'm sure glad I paid attention to this one! I'll let you read the press release below for particulars but I want to tell you what I think about it.

First it is Cruelty free, which means no animal testing! Another thing I like about it is the packaging. If you are like me, getting up in years and have to wear glasses to read you know this becomes an inconvenience to say the least when showering. I always struggle to remember which bottle is shampoo and which is conditioner, and it hasn't been just one time I've washed my hair with conditioner and finished off with shampoo! So the packaging on this, besides that it's in my two favorite colors turquoise and lime green, helps to keep that problem from happening. See the Shampoo is in the blue bottle and the conditioner in the green.

Blue= Shampoo
Green= Clean Sheen! Easy Q , at least for me, hope for you too! :)

But the biggest thing I noticed when trying this shampoo and conditioner was it's non overwhelming fragrance, very light, and you only need a little bit, and I have very thick hair. The conditioner is the same and it left my hair feeling really nice, clean and not like something were sitting on top. Now I wish I could say I am still using it but alas I am not. You see it got taken away from me. By my bald hubby! When I heard about this shampoo and how it worked on cleaning away the excess sebum oil and cleaning deeply and getting the bacterial count down to normal I was intrigued. You see bald men are bald because of excess sebum production, which in turn clogs the pores and after awhile it keep the hair follicle from growing. Now I don't mind a bald husband, my grandfather was bald and I took that as a natural way some men look, but what did bother me was the smell. I don't think it was the oil as much as the bacteria feeding off the oil and their 'bodily processes' mixing with the oil would get deposited on his collars and especially the pillowcases. Many a lovely bed linen sets have been broken up because of this. I finally found a way to get most of the oil and smell out of the pillowcases with an oxyclean type pre laundry spray but it used up a lot and didn't take it away completely.

Now he has been using this once or twice a day for about 3 weeks now and I can't believe it, there is no smell! He loves how his head and hair feel afterward, and the oil is minimal and he's really given it a testing, even in the spring heat doing yard work. He also snagged the conditioner and is using that on his beard which he says and I agree, that is is not only soft but natural feeling.

I have tried all kinds of shampoos from Salon special bags types to the cheapest there is and everything in between and I can honestly say I have never tried anything like this!

Just what it does for my husband alone is worth it alone! but I love it too and think I have found THE shampoo and conditioner for both of us from now on! They are also coming out with a shaving cream soon too and I can't wait to try that!

Skin Care and Hair Care Converge:

Introducing Clear Poreformance™ Antibacterial Shampoo and Conditioner

Good skin care doesn’t stop at the hairline. And healthy hair isn’t just a matter of what you see in the mirror.

Like the face, the scalp is subject to breakouts and irritation from bacteria caused by pores clogged with oil, dirt, grime and dead skin cells. If you’re an acne prone teen or adult, or a sports enthusiast known to work up a sweat under that helmet, your scalp may need some special care.

The marketplace is full of products for oily and acne-prone skin. Until now, no over-the-counter products have specifically addressed oily hair or problem scalps. Noting an increasing demand for such solutions among their large celebrity and athlete clientele, Dr. Sheri Feldman, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, and her Santa Barbara-based partner, Dr. Louise Stewart, set out to fill the void. Clear Poreformance™ Antibacterial Shampoo and Conditioner are the result of extensive research, as well as the doctors’ lengthy experience treating acne and testing both prescription and non-prescription medications over the past twenty years.

“During our many years in practice, our patients have asked for hair care products that thoroughly cleanse and condition not only the hair, but also the scalp,” says Drs. Stewart and Feldman. “The need is especially prevalent for those with oily, acneic skin or people who frequently wear helmets and build up sweat while playing sports. Clear Poreformance Antibacterial Shampoo is also the perfect solution for men who shave their heads and are susceptible to shaving bumps that are caused by inflamed follicles. It is also an excellent cleanser for men with irritated beard areas.”

Clear Poreformance is an antibacterial, deep pore cleansing system designed specifically for hair and scalp. With ingredients that stop bacteria in their tracks and a clearing capacity that rids pores of blemish-causing oil, dirt and debris, the products live up to their name while also delivering the aesthetic benefits expected of any premium hair care line…silky, shiny, strong and manageable hair.

Clear Poreformance products work three ways to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. Their proprietary blend of triclosan, azelaic acid, manuka and Australian myrtle balance sebum production, kill and prevent growth of bacteria, and deep clean the pores. Additional botanical ingredients like black cumin seed oil and pumpkin seed extract help to soothe the scalp and reduce irritation. Clear Poreformance Antibacterial Shampoo leaves hair pristinely clean, but also soft, shiny and manageable, while the Clear Poreformance Antibacterial Conditioner delivers a generous helping of moisture deep into the hair follicle for stronger, healthier hair.

Both products are sulfate and sodium chloride-free and compatible with the popular Brazilian keratin straightening treatments. In addition, both products are perfect for color-treated, permed or straightened hair. Clear Poreformance products are tested (but never on animals) and manufactured according to FDA guidelines for non prescription medications in an FDA approved facility. The shampoo and conditioner retail for $18.95 each. Visit for special offers and additional information.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Mystery Monday Photo! May 17 Photo 3 in Series

This month we are doing it a bit different, you can read about it here.

This photo is number 3 in the series.

Remember: This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. This is the third photo. Have Fun!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mystery Photo

I apologize to my readers for posting this so late. I hurt both my arms last week and have not been able to keep my regular schedule because of it.

Here is photo 2 in the May series of Mystery Monday Giveaway

Remember: This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. So here's the first photo. Have Fun!

If you need instructions on how this giveaway works please click here.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mystery Monday for May - Week 1

We are starting our second Month of Mystery Mondays (this one is a bit late because I announced the winner yesterday from Aprils giveaway).

This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. So here's the first photo. Have Fun!

If you need instructions on how this giveaway works click here.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Aprils Mystery Monday Photo Giveaway - Winner Announced!

First I'd like to thank those who participated in this past months Mystery Monday: Month of Mystery photos. I know you all must be enjoying the wonderful Spring weather and don't have as much time to be online or read blogs so I am grateful for those who stopped by my blog and played along! THANK YOU~!

The First Mystery Photo was this one on the left. I wasn't sure if anyone would recognize it but we did have one guess of what it is! A Kookaburra's bill! A native Bird of Australia. I took this picture at my local zoo this past winter while there was snow on the ground, that is the white you see reflected in the glass enclosure, along with a bit of my lime green jacket, my fav color!.

Here is the picture from Week Two.

It is a closeup of a polished turbans head shell.

Week three we saw these cute little guys from my local zoo. They were posed so perfectly inside the cutout of their enclosure, just begging to be cartooned!

They say they know what this mystery picture is from Week 3. And they should.

It was part of their play 'yard' in their display. Some of the area was landscaped with these white marble chips which were under a beautiful flowering tree whose pink petals were dropping and some had turned brown. I think it may have been a Pink Magnolia or Tulip tree and we did have guesses on that! I loved the texture and mystery of this 'bed of roses that the penguins seemed to enjoy. Aren't they adorable?

And last weeks photo was one I took last fall. It is from my local park. As some of you know I love trees and am always fascinated with them in all seasons. This one I spotted just after the sun had gone down but I could still see a bit up inside it. It appeared to be growing upside down, but this is actually the canopy of the tree from the underside. The darkening sky can be seen in the background. From the looks of it I think it is some kind of ornamental Cedar, but sadly none are labeled at the park so that is just a guess.

So now for the winning entry!
We had 12 entries, so not too bad for a beautiful Spring month! I love reading the guesses, it is such fun, more than me finding something to stump you with! I think my favorite this month came from Erin Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found for this last mystery photo for the month of April. She said it was either the underside of a bush, (pretty dead on) OR, and this is my favorite, the intestines of an Extraterrestrial! :) Love it! Although If there was such a thing, I wouldn't get close enough to bring you a close-up like that! :D

So after Adding up all the guesses and making a random drawing, the winner is........................

Lisa Petrillo! congratulations Lisa. If you will email me your mailing address I will make something just for you and get it out to you. Lisa is a lot braver than I, check out her blog and that picture of her at a dig. I could never wedge myself into such close quarters! Kudos To you Lisa! And check out her beautiful and neat studio! Looks great Lisa! Wish I could say the same of mine. :)

Tomorrow I will be posting the first picture for the Month of May contest.


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