Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is there a sweatshop in your home?


Events to Provide Simple But Effective Tips For Creating a Fair Trade Home; Common Household Sweatshop Items That Can be Fairly Traded are Clothing, Home Goods and Chocolate.

WASHINGTON, D.C.//April 29, 2010//Is there a sweatshop in your home? For millions of Americans, the answer is an unwitting yes. Americans across the country can find out how to replace goods made in sweatshops with fair trade products at hundreds of events taking place across the U.S. over the course of the next two weeks to mark World Fair Trade Day on May 8th ( They can also win great fair trade prizes by submitting pictures of fairly traded goods in their homes (

Most Americans would be appalled to learn of the extent to which the everyday items that they use in their homes are produced in sweatshops or even by slave labor. Widely used household items that fall into this category are all forms of clothing – from t-shirts to dress clothes to jewelry, home goods – including furniture and decorative items, and foods – including chocolate, coffee, sugar and spices. World Fair Trade Day organizers are calling on Americans to get those sweatshop items out of their home and to instead “Fair Trade your home” to support farmers and artisans worldwide.

World Fair Trade Day national campaign coordinator, and Executive Director, Fair Trade Resource Network Jeff Goldman, said: “There are lots of reasons to celebrate Fair Trade as we bring dignity and justice to millions of vulnerable farmers and artisans around the world. By committing to use Fair Trade goods at home, we can enjoy high quality and take action to improve our world.

The Fair Trade system helps producers and suppliers earn a living wage and take steps to protect the environment. It also serves to empower individuals and communities, support women’s and children’s rights, promote dignity and respect, and connect developing nations with developed nations and markets.

World Fair Trade Day is the largest Fair Trade event in North America, with over 65,000 people having participated in 2009. In the U.S., small businesses, high schools, universities, churches, groups and individuals will be raising awareness about the benefits of buying Fair Trade products. The theme of this year’s events is “Fair Trade My Home”. Events across the country include: scavenger hunts, coffee tastings, dinner parties, arts and crafts festivals, and so much more.

Major co-sponsors of World Fair Trade Day include nonprofit and faith-based organizations, such as Green America, Catholic Relief Services, Fair Trade Towns and Fair for Life, as well as retail companies, such as Ben and Jerry’s, Wholesome Sweeteners, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, and Anti-Body.


Some of the best ways to get rid of sweatshop items in your home and to go Fair Trade are as follows:

* Purchase Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, Sugar, and Cocoa: When conventionally purchased, these popular food items are often grown in “sweatshops in the fields.” Buying them Fair Trade Certified™ means that farmers are being paid a fair wage and communities are being supported.

* Purchase Fair Trade clothes – from t-shirts, to shoes to dresses, there is beautiful Fair Trade clothing from all over the world made by artisans who are paid a living wage.

* Buy Fair Trade Home goods – plates, tablecloths, and even furniture can be purchased Fair Trade.

* Buy Fair Trade handicrafts – from vases to sculptures to rugs – Fair Trade artisans produce beautiful crafts. And, when you purchase them from Fair Trade organizations, you know that no child labor or sweatshops were involved.

* Gift Fair Trade – You can purchase Fair Trade toys for kids, sculptures for adults, and chocolate for everyone on your list. When you gift Fair Trade, you are giving a high quality product and introducing someone to the value of purchasing Fair Trade every day.


On and around May 8th, people in 80 countries worldwide will hold events to mark World Fair Trade Day in order to highlight the importance and benefits of Fair Trade. Across North America, participants are entering “Fair Trade My Home” contests. Both individuals, as well as organizations, will win Fair Trade prizes for bringing Fair Trade, or deepening Fair Trade, in their homes. Fair Trade supporters will host hundreds of events to encourage the public to take home many Fair Trade items, and enter the contests. Events such as festivals, fashion shows, speeches, food and drink tastings, film showings, sports games, neighborhood crawls, and concerts are being planned to help celebrate the day from May 1-15.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last week For April Giveaway of Mystery Monday

Ok, today's picture is the last one for April so make sure to get your guesses in by May 2nd. I will draw and announce the winner on May 3rd.

Directions on how to enter can be found in this post.

Last weeks Photo can be seen here.

Have fun guessing!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth DAY!

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. People around the world are celebrating in many different ways.

I have been trying to make my life and my business more earth friendly for years now. I guess I've always done some kind of recycling or re-purposing in one way or another. Not wanting to throw anything out 'just in case' I can find a reuse for it or make a decorative art piece or 'new' piece of clothing out of it.

For my business I rarely buy packaging, instead I reuse packaging that has been sent to me, unless it's too torn or dirty. I buy a few manila envelopes to ship in but the inside container most likely uses recycled components. But I've also been making my own shipping envelopes from old magazines. Some even contain recycled bubble wrap for extra protection. I want to cut down on the resources of the earth that I use as well as to make sure my products arrive in perfect shape for my customer. At times I've used recycled clear Cassette tape boxes to hold and protect my beads. I tape a business card on the inside lid, wrap my beads up individually in fresh tissue and close the lid. Then I have a strong, solid container to pop into one of my handmade envelopes to ship.

My local post office has two ladies who when my husband shows up with my shipping have to stop and look over each one. They are fascinated with my packaging and ingenuity. They have never given a problem with it as I've heard some Postal workers do. I even have recycled little labels my husband brought home from the office where they used only a portion of a sheet of printer labels and were throwing the rest away. These make handy stickers I can write anything I want on. I usually use them for labels such as: 'Handle with Care', 'Fragile', 'Please', or use them for directions for the postal worker to know where I want the postage put and where I'd like the customs slip placed. One time I did not include these and the poor woman didn't know what to do. She didn't want to ruin my beautiful art envelope and lamented to my husband, 'She didn't put the stickers where to put the postage and customs tag!". :) I make sure to do that from now on. :)

I hope you enjoy your Earth Day, in the following weeks I will be introducing you to some great new Earth friendly products I've been discovering. So stay tuned and go out and enjoy the Earth today! 611

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's new Wednesday?

I wish I had some more OWOH finished pieces to show you but alas, I have been spending too much time enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. I have made some progress though.

I also joined a related swap called 'Share the Love' from Linda and Heidi at Natural Suburbia.

Today I received my gift from my Swap partner (I need to get hers out to her too!) and it is this lovely felted heart ring. I have seen many felted items especially since becoming a member of Etsy almost two years ago but this is my first felted piece! It is very lightweight and soft. And Roseann of Cute Little Thing at etsy makes some of the cutest felted items I've seen. Like these teeny birds nests......................shown resting on her fingers. She makes larger ones too!

And these adorable Bunnies in the Cabbage patch, love their little Cottontails, or woolly tails!

I love my new heart ring and more than that the love that went into it by this sharing and caring person. Roseann, your gift will be out to you shortly! I promise!. :)

I also wanted to share a little on the OWOH event which is still sharing love around the world. I showed you last week the things I had sent off to 2 of my winners. The Swinging on a Breeze necklace went to Jennifer Vanier of Adventures in Mixed Media. She was so thrilled that she sent to me, (hat she called a 'little' box), of some beads and findings she had collected over the years. She is not a jewelry maker and gathered these things together to gift me with. I expected a small box with a few dozen assorted beads and such but what arrived at my doorstep overwhelmed me to say the least! It took me hours to sort all through it, admiring each bead, finding and treasure. Here is a picture of the beads once I got them all sorted out. Click to enlarge so you can see all the wonderful beady goodness!

There are Glass beads, metal beads, coral, stone, semi-precious, shells, ceramic, hand made glass beads and more! And these are just the beads! There was also beading wire, focal beads and bags of findings. Is that a wonderful gift of sharing love? This is what I love about these swaps, the good will keeps going and with these beads I shall continue that, either with swaps, or gifts, such as I have in mind for the postal ladies that go ga-ga over my handmade envelopes and packages everytime my husband takes them to the PO. I know they take special care with my packages so they reach my customers, friends and new friends from swap meets, in good condition, so I will start with them first..................but before that even, a BIG THANK YOU to the generous lady, Jennifer! I am blessed to have meet you through the OWOH event!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honestly, Have you heard? More Treasurys than ever! (and tips for PC artists)

Have you heard the news at Etsy? They have made their newest Treasury making application in Beta version live now called Treasury East. You can read all about it here. (See below for how to use this newest feature as an artists color inspiration tool. )

Being part of a Treasury Team (our website) at Etsy Called Team T International (our blog) one of our main activities is of course, making Treasuries!

It was always difficult to remember to look and see when they would open, and then remember when that was and I forgot and missed way too many times! If you too have been frustrated by this, Treasury East is for you! You don't have to worry about being at your computer when it opens, and hope to get one of the 'prized slots'. You instead can go here 24/7 and start your Treasury. AND now ALL 16 slots show up in your treasury, no alternates!

Also these don't have an expiration date and you can change them around all you like. There are some hints when you fill them out on the side but there's a couple I did not know about until I experienced it a few times doing my first one and I'd like to share with you to save you some time and trouble.

When you do a Treasury Main or Treasury West you have to wait to get the Make your treasury screen open up. If you get your title in and click to make your treasury, it is made and saved in the system. You don't have to fill it in right away and you can come back and find it easily. It is different with Treasury East. You click to make a new treasury from a different way but even though you put in a title and start adding your items it is not saved! If you hit the back button, you loose it all. So, be aware of that when going back and forth getting the listings you want to add to your treasury. Frequently save (at the bottom of the page you will see the SAVE button) your item additions. And also there is no OK button. Once you enter your listing number in the slot under the picture frame you have to hit your 'Enter' button, then the item will appear. I suggest to save what you have for each row. That way you won't have to go back and redo it three times like I did! ;)

Here is my first, give it a visit please, even if you don't click on anything, just so I can see how that works. Also you don't have a count of how many clicks on each individual item like before, but a total from all 16 selections on the right side bar.

To make one, go here , then click on the button on the right hand side that says " +New Treasury". You can make as many as you want! On that front page to the left of that link you will also see another link "Your Treasuries" which will take you to a page that has all the Treasury Easts you have made. Have fun!

For those of you that are Polymer Clay artists and have read Maggie Maggios and Lindly Haunani's book 'Color Inspirations' and follow Maggie's blog Maggie Maggio - Smashing Color then you are familiar with her Collages. This is a great opportunity to use this technique without having to go through many magazines and cut out all those pictures. You can use The Explore Feature on etsy 'Color' and make your treasury/collages that way. Give it a try and see how your artwork improves!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Mystery Monday - April 19th Week 3

I've got a few more entries for this month, I sure hope to get more, Remember, the prize is a special gift made just for you!

This weeks photo

Entry directions here.
Last weeks Mystery photo here.


Wonderful Vegan Brushes Softer than the Natural kind!

I was sent some new make-up brushes to try. And being an artist I deal with a lot of brushes so I do take notice that these come from animals. Now anyone that is a vegetarian or vegan or who keeps Kosher will be aware of these things and be looking for alternatives other than the animal brushes that are out there. I've seen many synthetic brushes but they don't seem to work as well, feel as soft or hold the pigments on as you'd like. But these new brushes are different. You will notice as soon as you rub them against your skin. These brushes are gentle enough to use even on acne prone or sensitive skin.

Want to know more? Check them all out at DermaQuest Skin Therapy - Derma Minerals

If you love animals and have ever had the pleasure to pet a Chinchilla (I used to have one I named Sheldon) then you will have an idea how soft these are. But they are sturdy, come in protective cases and are Animal Friendly!

I'm talking about the NEW DermaBrush Collection that was created by a panel of top makeup artists and they are Eco-friendly Too!

Worried about your brushes getting contaminated over time? Not to worry here, they are antimicrobial too!

These wonderful vegan brushes come in nine styles.

· Kabuki Brush – big and fluffy, perfect for applying pressed or loose powder
· Foundation Brush – use for flawless and even liquid application
· Concealer Brush – perfect for applying concealer to problem areas
· Pro Multi-Task Face Brush – provides the perfect amount of bronzer, powder, or blush
· Pro Multi-Task Eye Brush – best for all-over eye shadow application and blending
· Tapered Contour Eye – use for easy application and eye shadow blending
· Dual Define Eye – double-sided brush for applying eye shadow and lining the eyes
· Precision Angle Eye Brush – suitable to define eye brows and line eyes
· Precision Lip Brush – use for precise lipstick application

I had the chance to try the big, beautiful, fluffy and thick Kabuki brush and have never used one with a better feel and ability to hold onto loose powder.The entire DermaBrush line is made of high-quality, synthetic fibers and are specially designed to compliment the DermaMinerals Line. Very, very soft and non-shedding too! I love that part!
And not just Vegan but also the Wooden handle brushes are part of a reforestation project! Love it!


Friday, April 16, 2010

OWOH Update

I've sent out some of the special gifts to my winners and have the others in the works. I thought you might like to see what's made that carpet ride around the world from my studio.

Something For Sharon from Scotland. Sharon likes pink and girlie things, nothing flashy and bold, a bit vintage too. So I wracked my brain and spotted a necklace I'd made for one of the possible prizes for OWOH. This caught my eye because it had a vintage rhinestone pendant, spelling out LOVE (what better for one world one Heart?) and I had also attached a silver Hershey's Kiss charm. I live near that Chocolate wonderland so thought being from Scotland she might like something that was 'native 'to my area. To the silver chain I added tiny pink silk ribbons, they were in four different shades. I knew it needed something to make it all hers, and made a heart shaped pin to which I embossed with Queen Annes Lace and her initial, 'S'. I attached this to the side of the pendant a bit off center for more interest. Since it is a little pin or brooch she can detach it and wear it without the necklace if she chooses.

I then decided it needed a special box so I took a Laughing Cow box that I had been saving to used and covered it in Pink roses fabric using Mod Podge. I finished it off with a Lime Green Polkadotted green ribbon. I sent it off to Scotland over a week ago so I hope it's reached her!

Jennifer from Canada was one of my winners. Jennifer loves birds and collects birds nests. I know this wasn't made especially for her but when I got to know Jennifer I realized it was! It was my Bead Swap creation from Lori Anderson's Bead Swap from January (Psss! She's having another one very soon!) My 'Swinging on a Breeze' Necklace. I felt that this necklace would be perfect for Jennifer and got it shipped off to her. She was so pleased that she sent me some goodies (I'll get pictures and share with you soon, Thanks Jennifer! I love sharing the love from this event and the connections it makes. :)

More updates soon on the other One World One Heart special gifts.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's been beadin with my Beads? Anticipation Part 2

Ever since I opened my StudioARTBEAD Shop, when I wrap each one up and send it out into the world I wonder what wonderful thing it will become part of? Will it be added to someones growing art bead collection ;), we all have those, right? or will it become part of a bracelet, necklace, earrings maybe (when there are more than one) or maybe something even more extraordinary such as used as an embellishment on an article of clothing or a wonderful memento? In Anticipation I wait to see a photo in my feedback maybe to see what's become of it.

Yes, I've wondered about this from time to time and recently I've found out what a couple of my beads became part of after they left my studio and would like to share with you.

Just recently Judy of Judith B Designs and Flap Your Wings bought a few beads from me and she convo'd me last week to share what she'd made with one of them. I have to say I was overwhelmed a bit to see my little bead looking so wonderful in this creation! I did really like how this bead turned out and thought about keeping it for myself but gave it it's wings and it flew into Judy's more than capable, talented hands! Isn't this stunning? (and I'm not saying that because of my bead, but it does marry so well with all the other Organic elements doesn't it?). You can read about it and see more views on her blog or visit it in her Flap Your Wings Etsy Shop.

She Calls it 'Organic Obsession' and you can read why at her blog. I love how she's mixed in turquoise and bone, wood and other organic beads in a variety of textures and finishes! And the copper accents are just what it needed as I highlighted this bead with a copper/bronzing patina.
Now I feel inspired to do something similar with another bead but that may be impossible. You see when I make beads like that where I use many mediums of color besides the clay I don't do so from any instructions or tutorials, I just do! Sometimes I use chalks, watercolors, acrylics, alcohol inks, pigment powders, mica powders and embossing powders. Adding, sanding away, adding more, buffing, until I like it. It's like doing a painting but a miniature one and I never know how it will turn out, that is what makes it exciting for me and I love the Anticipation! So while I may come close my work is mostly one of a kind, especially with the organic texture sources I use, so your creation is sure to stand out!

Another of my recent customers is Lynn, of Beading Heart Art who is a fantastic Bead artist! She excitedly wrote me at etsy telling me how happy she was to come across my dandelion trio bead. It was perfect for a project she was working on. When I found this out it was kinda like kismet and I couldn't wait to see the finished result. I'll let her tell you about it......On her blog where she has used my bead to represent her three daughters on her Life Box, I am so honored to have a little piece of my art on this most lovely creation!

Here is the first post about it, called Emerging You just have to go see it, but come back, there's more!

It is gorgeous isn't it? But that's not the end, she has added much more bead work to this box which will sure to be an heirloom. Here is the Follow up post with it pretty much completed.

I can't wait to see what other talented Jewelry artists do with my beads! this is truly a wonderful fruit of Anticipation!

If you missed Anticipation Part 1, you can read it here.

Today is also Carnival Blog Day At ART BEAD SCENE and the subject is Anticipation. Be sure to click on my ABS Carnival Blogger button to go and see all the wonderful posts about the Anticipation seen from a beaders perspective!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April - Team T International Tuesday

If some of you were reading last month I changed my schedule of posting a bit and have now devoted a new Google blogger page to introducing you to my wonderful and talented Team T international Team members.

This months Theme is Spring! So hop on over to my Team T International page and have a look, click on the links below the pictures as well as the member links and discover some great new shops of my artistic team mates!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Mystery Monday - April 12 - Week 2

Come on guys..............don't ya wanna play anymore? :) I know most of you, if you are like me, are spending more time outside and less on the laptop, but I promised to get this going again so I shall.

Here's a recap of last weeks announcement:

Each Monday a new photo will be posted. Follow the same as before, comment here on the blog that you are participating, and then email me your guess. Every Monday a new photo will be posted but we will only have one winner per month. All the responses will be put in the drawing, and yes I am still going to put in everyone's name, right or wrong, it's That you played that counts! :)

At the end of the month I will draw 1 (one) name from all those who emailed me a guess for all the months photos, (yes you can do one week, two weeks, etc or all!) and the winner will get a special Mystery Monday gift just for them. This way I don't get overwhelmed and no one will get shortchanged. I am doing this because I know it's great to get something just for you because you are special, and my readers are special to me. I found out that this is a world wide feeling when participating in the OWOH event as I choose to make something special for each of my winners. In fact they each got two gifts! So I want to continue this on through out the year which will carry us through to the next OWOH event.

I know many of you have found my blog and become followers through that event but maybe didn't win the giveaway so this is like another chance, or many more! :)

So I hope you all will continue to participate, and don't worry, if you won before, that's ok, please keep playing. If I draw a name of a previous winner I will give you a 'consolation prize' and draw a new winner so you still have a chance too!

So far we only have one guess for last weeks photo, you can still go back and look at it and put in a guess for that to. Here's that photo.

and now for this weeks................................



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherry Pink!

Do you have an Etsy shop? Are you using Statsy? It lets you know when you are on the front page. I've been so busy I didn't even know my Pink Folded Anise Flower Bead was in a treasury!
If you'd like to sign up to be notified when you are on the front page so you never miss it, go here and do a one minute sign up! Read more about their features here.

It was curated by my fellow Team T International member Jill of Thread Rare who makes beautiful silk Bridal and Couture Hair Accessories like this one.

This treasury is called Cherry Blossom Festival and even though I'm not much of a pink fan, this is beautiful to me. Perhaps because I spent yesterday afternoon under a Weeping Almond Tree and had a lovely afternoon in the park in the mid 80's! having an early dinner there while listening to the birds sing, enjoying the green grass underfoot and smelling the sweet fragrance of the other blooming trees in the Park. Such loveliness against the blue sky! This tree bloomed three weeks earlier than last year, mainly because we had normal Spring weather. It seems we went from tons of snow this winter , up until just a few weeks ago, to going into the 60's then 70's and this past week its be almost breaking records everyday! mid to high 80's, we had to put in at least one air conditioner last night because I can't acclimate that fast! There was a great breeze, by hot, from the south that was not cooling but going up to 30 miles an hour it even pushed a stained glass box off my dresser that was about 8 feet from the open window!

It looks so lovely against that blue, blue sky and I so enjoyed my time under this tree, and glad I got there before it dropped all its petals. They were falling on me like a gentle rain as I sat under it, reading and watching the others going by with their babies and doggies, enjoying this lovely warm Spring Day. A great way to end the last day of Passover.

I am totally not sure of this tree but I know that they have a whole bunch of cherry trees that will be blooming in the next few weeks so I know it isn't that, my best guess is that this is a Weeping Almond tree. They actually have two and for years I had driven by and said how I would love to have lunch under one of them. But they bloom and fade so quickly, I'd say within a week that I would come back and they were empty of blossoms and were in full leaf. Each year went by and I was disappointed , same thing always happened. But finally last year and again this year I was able to make my little dream come true!

I can't tell you how magical it was to sit under this beauty, which must be very old as I've never seen one this size, it is as large as a full grown Weeping Willow, which grow along the banks of the stream that I can over look while sitting under there. It was wonderful spending hours there, reading, eating, watching people walk by, and always with a smile, like 'I wish I'd thought to bring chairs and a lunch! ' :) I won't wax poetic to much more about this tree, but you should know I love trees in general and besides the Willow, Olive and Birch this has got to be my favorite tree! And here is a glimpse of what it's like to sit under it. I even took videos so I can relive it during the year, especially in the cold winter months as I long for Spring!

Go out and enjoy Spring! You've been waiting so long!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Online Magazine - Glo

Love this, Eco-friendly, easy to read and you can save what you like without killing one tree! Check it out.

MSN, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. and BermanBraun Unveil Glo, a Premium Online Lifestyle Destination for Women
New site features an innovative design that creates the feel of a magazine experience on the Web for women seeking style, beauty and lifestyle content.

REDMOND, Wash.; LOS ANGELES; and NEW YORK — April 6, 2010 — MSN, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. (HFM U.S.) and BermanBraun today announced the launch of Glo (, a lifestyle site that focuses on style, beauty, living and relationship content through a uniquely engaging and dynamic experience. Glo provides users with everyday inspiration and practical ways to attain their best life. It combines the imagery and feel of a magazine with the appeal of a dynamic site such as WONDERWALL, to offer an online destination that is neither traditional Web nor print, but a unique escape for women on the Web.

Glo utilizes a unique vertical scrolling method, a feature that is exclusive to the site as an online lifestyle destination. Glo presents its topics daily with a fresh and in-the-know perspective, filled with glossy, full-screen photo galleries, videos, and unique features. Glo features original content from its editorial team, HFM U.S. properties, MSN properties and relevant content from popular lifestyle sites including Sugar/Sugar Entertainment, LimeLife, Modelinia, Remodelista and more. Key features of Glo include the following:

- Scrapbook. This feature allows readers to save a custom page of their favorite images and ideas from the site, just as if they were tearing them out of a magazine.

- Sharing tools. Sharing tools are included on each page and allow readers to share articles, videos and more with friends and family via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live.

- Bing integration. Bing, the new generation of search from Microsoft, is deeply integrated throughout Glo. Bing is a decision engine that offers a faster way to make more informed choices.

- Facebook. This feature allows customers to comment on articles and videos they see on Glo using their Facebook login information.

- Full-screen photo galleries. Glo is loaded with visually compelling, full-screen photo galleries, covering a range of topics that are better seen than read, such as the best shade of red lipstick and chic body art.

The design, programming and operations of the new digital brand will be spearheaded by BermanBraun and HFM U.S. Glo is accessible at, as well as through the MSN home page, editorial programming across the MSN network, and across HFM U.S. online properties.

MSN will lead the advertising sales efforts along with HFM U.S. on selected accounts. Major brands such as Vaseline, JCPenney and Fox Broadcasting Company have signed on as inaugural advertisers.

“We are very happy to be partnering with MSN on the launch of the Glo Web site on behalf of the Vaseline® Aloe Fresh lotion line,” said Srini Sripada, marketing director, Unilever Skin Care. “Our goal is to communicate the light, refreshing sensory benefits of the line, and we believe that Glo provides a unique opportunity to reach women who are looking for light, fresh content. We are excited to be engaging in this endeavor.”

Anne Weintraub, who has held various positions at ELLE including former online director, has been appointed as the executive editor of Glo. She has deep editorial experience running online lifestyle experiences dating back to 1999 when she was the founding editor of Weintraub also worked as a beauty editor at Vogue, and as a freelance journalist for magazines such as InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar and Self.

Women spend more time online looking at lifestyle content than any other category, with 68 percent saying that going online is a great way to relax and 45 percent marking it as the most peaceful part of their day.1 For MSN, lifestyle is among the most popular content categories, reaching more than 8.2 million unique users a month. MSN will offer Glo in conjunction with its lifestyle portfolio, including MSN Lifestyle, Delish and MSN Health & Fitness.

“Lifestyle is one of our top content priorities because of its popularity among consumers and advertisers, and Glo is a great addition to our lifestyle portfolio. The launches of the new MSN home page and WONDERWALL have shown us the importance of delivering visually compelling and innovative designs and how quickly we can attract millions of customers using the distribution power of MSN,” said Scott Moore, regional partner executive producer, MSN. “We’re excited to build on our successful partnership with BermanBraun, adding the category branding expertise and panache of HFM U.S. to deliver a compelling new lifestyle experience on MSN.”

“Following our successful partnership with MSN in bringing WONDERWALL to the celebrity entertainment space, we are thrilled to be partnering with Hachette and MSN to create Glo — a new and unique lifestyle brand. We believe the innovative design and distinctive tone of Glo will excite both the online audience and our advertising partners,” BermanBraun partners Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun said in a joint statement.

“Like all publishers, we are exploring different ways to deliver content onto all platforms,” said Alain Lemarchand, president and CEO, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. “We are very excited about creating a Web-only brand with an original voice that fills an open position in the marketplace. Our collaboration with our two outstanding partners MSN and BermanBraun has been a rich one with each team bringing distinct strengths and voices to the project.”

About BermanBraun
BermanBraun is an independent media company whose three divisions — television, feature film and digital media — create and exploit entertainment content and advertising solutions throughout the world. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company, founded by principals Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun in January 2007, has separate strategic global alliances with NBC and Microsoft to create and distribute creative content across all platforms.

In February 2009, BermanBraun launched WONDERWALL — the primary celebrity destination on the MSN Network, ranking ahead of and in traffic, with number one user engagement in the celebrity news space. BermanBraun is presently producing two network series for the 2009/2010 television season, including MERCY on NBC and ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE on CBS. BermanBraun is also producing the series IS SHE REALLY GOING OUT WITH HIM? for MTV and SWORDS for The Discovery Channel.

About Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. (HFM U.S.)
Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. (HFM U.S.),, is an innovation-driven company with a heritage as strong brand builders, experts and producers of credible content on all platforms including print, Web sites, mobile, television, radio, events, books and other brand extensions. We look to the future and create it, by developing new ideas and directions to deepen relationships making them more rewarding for our communities. Our engaged audiences of over 40 million people and editorial environments deliver rich opportunities for advertisers and partners. We produce brands in the following categories: Fashion, Beauty and Design (ELLE, ELLE DECOR, and ELLEgirl); Women & Wellness (Woman’s Day, Woman’s Day Special Interest Publications); Automotive (Car and Driver and Road & Track as part of Jumpstart Automotive Group); Motorcycling (Cycle World) and Entertainment (Premiere). HFM U.S. is part of Lagardère’s ( media division Lagardère Active, a producer of special-interest content in more than 40 countries.

About MSN and Windows Live
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Go to this link to check out the scrapbook, see lower right column. Have Fun!

I will be back posting shortly, need to catch up after my 'Spring Break'!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Mystery Monday - New and Improved!

Hi, and Happy April! Happy Spring (March 20th) and Happy Monday!

We are back with Mystery Monday, New and improved. I told you last month that it was getting a bit much for me to keep up with this plus my other writing schedule and also to have a winner each week, and to come up with something special for each winner. I got behind on this and for that I do apologize. The OWOH event really set me back and I am just catching up on my special gifts for the winners.

I do want to keep doing this as many of you have expressed the fun you have had each Monday coming by and trying to guess the Mystery Photo, so I want to continue. I've just changed the rules a bit.

Each Monday a new photo will be posted. Follow the same as before, comment here that you are participating, and then email me your guess. Every Monday a new photo will be posted but we will only have one winner per month. All the responses will be put in the drawing, and yes I am still going to put in everyone's name, right or wrong, it's That you played that counts! :)

So, then at the end of the month I will draw one name from all those who emailed me a guess for all the months photos, (yes you can do one week, two weeks, etc or all!) and the winner will get a special Mystery Monday gift just for them. This way I don't get overwhelmed and no one will get shortchanged. I am doing this because I know it's great to get something just for you because you are special, and my readers are special to me. I found out that this is a world wide feeling when participating in the OWOH event as I choose to make something special for each of my winners. In fact they each got two gifts! So I want to continue this on through out the year which will carry us through to the next OWOH event.

I know many of you have found my blog and become followers through that event but maybe didn't win the giveaway so this is like another chance, or many more! :)

So I hope you all will continue to participate, and don't worry, if you won before, that's ok, please keep playing. If I draw a name of a previous winner I will give you a 'consolation prize' and draw a new winner so you still have a chance too!

So to start us all off for the month ( and there will be 4 Mystery Photos this month with the winner announced on May 3) here is your first Photo.

Photo credit Organic Odysseys

Have Fun!

All Photographs are property of blog owner and cannot be used without permission


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Organic Odysseys Published

It was not supposed to be completed until today but Tejae Floyd finished ahead of time and her new book: Polymer Artists Showcase: "An inspiring collection of Polymer Art Designs' has been published. Congratulations Tejae on a wonderful first book! I got news of this at the end of last week but because of pre-scheduled posts and the Holiday I wasn't able to post until now. And no, this isn't an April Fools joke! :)

Oh, why am I telling you about this? Because it is full of wonderful, creative works of art by many Polymer clay artists, some you may know and some you may not know.

Here's a few to whet your appetite:

Tejae Floyd the author of this new book!
Marcia Palmer
Kim Cavender
Laura Timmins
Tina Farthing
Mary Ellen Nichols
Sarah Shriver
Julie Picarello
Valerie Aharoni
Maggie Maggio
Dayle Doroshow
Sharon Palac
Bettina Welker
Eugena Topina
Jana Roberts Benzon
Mags Bonham
Alice Stroppel
Sharon Amir
Lisa Clark

And many more, including your's truly. Tejae chose two of the five pieces I submitted. While neither one is really from my Organic line (using a botanical for texture) one is 'green', my earth friendly recycled light bulb, Pear. I plan on doing a series of these and have finally collected enough blown light bulbs and figured out how to display them to proceed, so look for them to be coming out over the summer.

The other piece featured in the book was from my AlmostARTifacts shop, An Amber and Turquoise paperclip bracelet that was made to help support ongoing awareness of the Holocaust. It is now in the collection of Kathi Gose.

About the book:

Polymer Artists Showcase includes popular well known polymer artists as well as never before published artists. Polymer art photos were collected from contributing artists from all over the globe. This photo book is an eclectic mix of jewelry, sculpture and various polymer art. An inspiring resource. Full color photos include artists name, flickr name and website (if available). A great gift for any polymer enthusiast.

40 pages, full color and can be purchased here from the publishing company or you can get a signed one from my shop shortly for the same price. (I hope that doesn't make me sound too full of myself!) You can also preview the book there in full color.

Something else of interest, today I am being featured on Your Daily Muse News.

So even though last week brought me heartbreaking and devastating news this week I have been blessed with these things that take out the sting a bit and help to bring healing and I am very grateful for that!



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