Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Artists and Contest Results

Remember my telling you about a treasury I had made at the beginning of this month? Black and White and Blue over you? It was my first treasury in about a month and I dedicated it to Jazmine. I found this wonderful print from a Canadian Artist and out of every Dalmatian listing I went through (and I went through them all) this one reminded me of Jazz. It had 'The Look' she would have when laying down and looking up at me when I talked to her, but mostly when I was talking about her. She was very intelligent and astute and understood more than the average dog of about 500 words, she also understood two other languages and spelling!
Anyway, I showed my husband the treasury and when he saw it he started to tear up and then told me I had to get that print. So I did. I waited for 'Cedric' to arrive, the name on the listing.

And last week he came.

I know you have heard of special etsy sellers and some of you who have followed me for awhile remember Pointy Paws. Well this is a story of another special etsy seller. Her name is Pey and her shop is called Peylu and she also has another one called folkartvision , both are well worth exploring. She does her paintings on clay and then has prints made of them so many can share her beautiful works of art.

She is a member of the EFA - Artists Helping Animals , and her current animal family consists of a Rottweiler and a dwarf bunny, which is interesting because I've owned both, just not at the same time. The Rotty I had was pre-named Bear and my bunny was a Siamese Dwarf named Mr Peabody. So as you can see even though her shop has mainly paintings of chairs (which I also love and have had quite an extensive collection of chairs) she is an animal lover like myself and it sure showed up with this etsy transaction she made with me.

When I received my print, done on very good quality paper I might add, it was accompanied by a lovely note card with a picture of a loon, something I fell in love with when visiting Canada years ago, with very kind and encouraging words. Also accompanying the print was a lovely bookmark business card that I shall use and think of this wonderful artist every time I see it. And then there was Cedric, who looked 'in person' more like Jazz and made me cry. It took awhile to gather myself together and open the little burlap wrapped package I also found in the parcel.

I unwrapped it and found that sweet little heart necklace you see in all the pictures. It was handmade by Pey. On one side it has Jazmines name accompanied by lots of spots and the other side has 'Je taime', which for those who don't speak French means, I love you. If seeing the print of Cedric started the waterworks this brought on a flood. She told me that she had made one for a beloved pet she had lost and made this one for me for Jazz. I can't tell you how deeply touched I was from this great act of kindness from a complete stranger but I do know that though we are separated by many miles and in different countrys even that I will never forget her kindness along with her great ability to capture my heart like no other piece of art ever has.

You really should take a bit of time and explore her shops and read about her here. One thing I found very 'Twilight zone" was that she was born on August 14th, that was the day that Jazmine died. Strange how life works, isn't it?

Anyway I wanted to tell you about this when I announced the winner. Monday Sept. 14th I was supposed to make the announcement. Monday was the first month anniversary of Jazmines passing. It was harder than I expected and I had to postpone it until Tuesday but I needed to go out yesterday and do some shopping and was too tired when I got home. So I apologize for the delay but I have been working on this all afternoon. So here are the results of the 'contest'.

I had 24 entries over the course of a week of getting back to posting, including the post I made last night/early this morning. I thank each and everyone of you that took the time to read my posts, I know that they weren't the most peppy and uplifting I've done and I do so appreciate you sticking with me and all your kind words of encouragement and sympathy, may your kindness be returned to you a hundred fold.

I counted each comment as an entry so those who commented more than once got an entry for each one. I assigned each entry a number in order from the first to the last and used a random number generator to pick a winner. That number that came up was 20. :)

So that means that the winner is M.E.!


If you would just email me your snail mail address I will get your prize out to you ASAP (

The Prize? The Bluebirds of Happiness earrings. If for some reason you don't have pierced ears please let me know and I will make them clip on's or I can make it into a necklace for you! Just let me know what you'd like!

Thank you all again for participating and please keep coming back, I promise my posts will get a bit lighter! :)

Hope you all are having a great week!


Drawing Postponement

Sorry dear readers, I just couldn't get to this today (Tuesday) it was a hard day for me being the first month anniversary since losing my Jazmine babydoll. I had to leave the house and I'll tell you of my adventurous trip later but for now I wanted to share with you a bit of interesting news I came back home to. I got a convo in my OO mailbox and found out a treasury I am featured in (didn't know about that one either!) was featured on this really cool blog.

It's called S&O Productions and they have a feature called Treasury Tuesday where they pick an "Elite Eight" group of treasuries and feature them on their beautiful blog. Check it out, they also have lots of other interesting posts to follow such as Photography Friday.

Here's the page my treasury was in, Treasury Tuesday the Elite Eight

I promise to make the drawing a little later today so check back!

Meanwhile here's a sneak peek at some experimenting I've been doing.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Early Morning Tomato

I think I mentioned in a previous post that our organic farm lost most of it's tomato crops this year to blight, and they planted twice as much as last year. I am grateful for what we got but there's only been enough for weekly eating, no extra for quarts of sauce like the past two years. Something that I am happy and sad about. You see Jazzy used to come out into the kitchen when I was preparing the tomatoes for cooking and she would check up throughout the day on the progress of the sauce, not understanding it took hours of slow cooking to bring out the best flavor. I also would add some carrots and sometimes yams to the tomato mixture along with fresh herbs from the farm. She always got to sample it when it was done and cooled and I would add some to her dinner when I opened a bowl from the freezer. She loved it a lot and I still remember last year taking her out on an off day and picking tomatoes while she ran up and down the rows chasing after the little birds that practically lived in there, hunting down the bugs and eating them up in a wonderful organic arrangement. I think she thought they were little brown mice and she'd run down the row after them.

She would be sure to check the haul when we were done picking, peeking her head into the basket I would take with me and sniffing in that great farm smell. She knew that sauce was coming and when I'd get home and start preparing them, she would come into the kitchen and watch me cut into dozens of them , coring them first and then cutting off any bad spots, and she would watch, not getting bored at all and she would lick her lips in anticipation. She was not this way about any canned or jarred sauce, even though organic, she knew the farm sauce, and loved it so much, by itself, on some pizza crust, on spaghetti. Yes she loved spaghetti, she lived a full long strand to slurp up. If I gave her too much sauce her lips would be extra pinky orange for a day or two. I even have some pictures of her where she got it on her cheek bone and I couldn't get it off. We had to wait for it to grow off.

Well what got me thinking about tomatoes you may ask? Last week I did try to make a new kind of crust (I have celiac disease and have to eat gluten free) and used some fresh tomatoes from the farm along with basil and oregano and fresh mozzarella. It really was very good and I ate it with the happiness of tasting something similar to what I used to make in a UNO like crust, but sad because Jazz wasn't there to share it with me. She always got a piece of the crust of every slice we ate, always.

But that really is not what got me thinking about tomatoes, I just got done making a treasury and remembers that at Craftcult (used to be known as Majaba) you can see if you have been on the front page at all. I know I have been in quite a few treasuries since reopening my shops (thanks Team!) but hadn't kept up with the news. So After making my treasury (actually I have had this made since last week on a poster sketch but kept forgetting and missing the time, such is a grief stricken mind, I can't seem to remember things for too long recently, so today I set the kitchen timer.:) ) So I checked and found out that early Saturday morning a treasury I was in was featured on the front page. It had my tomato key fob in it, one I've made with a repurposed watch backing. I am surprised it is still in the shop frankly, but perhaps that special someone I made it for hasn't found it yet.

This is my sixth front page since June 2nd when I made my first. If you are interested in seeing them you can go here, take a look and then add your own name into the field to see if you have ever been on the front page of Etsy! I really should take the time to use the etsy buttons in those listings ( of the things not sold, my nasturtium pod soap dispenser finally found it's home this summer, good thing, they planted not nasturtiums this year so I only have what I got last year, shame, I loved those flowers and leaves). Here's the Treasury, full of beautiful things in end of summer colors, very much like the one I just made.

Mine is titled: Summer Fades to Copper and Gold

You can click on the title or the screen shot I took and can see it and comment live until Wednesday 11:52PM EST.

I've featured great jewelry artists, vintage and other fun stuff shop owners! My team mates and fellow PC artists. Check them out
Tomorrow will be the drawing so make sure to leave a comment on any post from Sept 7, 2009 until todays post.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Pet Lovers!

I know that many of my readers and some of the bloggers I have listed on my blog list are animal lovers like myself. I have been trying to put away certain things to help me 'move on' after Jazmine's death. Today I found on the refrigerator this list I posted to always remind me of what to be careful of not letting her eat, just in case.

Now I made Jazz home cooked meals, but because we don't eat much, if any, processed stuff I would also share what we had for dinner with her at times, but some of these things just aren't good for doggies to eat and I thought I'd pass this info along so you can watch over your little ones. ( Jazz used to like to eat Guacamole with me, but certain avocados can be bad for dogs).

Most people are aware of the toxicity of chocolate for dogs, but some of these others things may come as a surprise to you. I remember the time we were renovating our kitchen, living room and dining room and turning it into one large 'Great room'. I had the contents of my cabinets in boxes and on the floor. Not thinking about it we went out for the day and when we returned home we found that Seven ( Jazzy's 'owner' - see previous posts) had gotten into that box of baking supplies and eaten a whole box of Bakers chocolate.

(That's Seven there, wasn't he a beautiful boy?)

I had my husband immediately call the Vets while I wrung my hands wondering how long ago he had eaten it and what would happen, praying it wasn't too late. The Vet was very knowledgeable and told us exactly what to do, it was great, we didn't even need to bring him in. All we had to do was to mix peroxide with some warm water (I forget the ratio, but it's easily found online but always consult your Vet first! ) and take that and a turkey baster and the dog outside and squirt it down his throat! The Vet warned to do it right the first time, because " You won't get a second chance'. Meaning the dog would bolt and you wouldn't be able to try it again.

Well, he didn't know my boy too well. I had spent many hours training both him and Jazmine and they were both very well behaved and obedient. So hubby took him outside, (I think we left Jazz in the house). I knew it was Seven because of his guilty look and Jazz wouldn't have done that, she was smarter and even though she liked chocolate (a lick or two from my ice cream bowl), she knew it wasn't good for her and she never got into any of it.

So, hubby loads up the turkey baster while Seven sits there patiently on the lawn, ready to take his 'medicine' for being bad. Open mouth, squirt mixture down throat, close mouth so he has to swallow and then we wait for the eruption. All went well except no 'eruption' ????

OK, so we call the Vet back, he says, try it again.
Seven is still patiently sitting on the lawn.
We mix up another batch, do same procedure. Nothing.

I think it took three times and then we had a Mt. Vesuvius eruption (it actually looked like very dark mudd). And he heaved his guts up for about 5 minutes. We felt so bad, a doggie is really sad to look at when vomiting, their sides heaving in and out. You would think this would have taught him a lesson but no, he got into some chocolate tasty cakes one day and we had to do it all over again. I think he actually liked the stuff!

We had a radio fenced in large yard. He would go and sit on the line and you could see his neck muscles jumping, I think he liked the Electric shock therapy! He would leave the yard to go visit the Jack Russells across the street, always being careful to look both ways before crossing and then come home, never ran away. With Jazz she wouldn't get within 15 feet of it, all you had to mention to her was 'remote' even when she didn't' have the collar on and she would get all sheepish and give me her famous 'snickle', as if to say I'm being good Mommy! (Some Dalmatians smile and she did all the time for various things). But she was obedient while Seven wasn't all the time but stayed in the yard mostly because he wanted to and for the most part he stayed out of trouble.

Here's the links to the list, there is also a page for cats too!

Link to Harmful things for a Dog

Here's the list I had on my refrigerator, it repeats some of the same things but there are other things you might not think about, like pennies. I had a Pug once that ate anything that she found on the floor and I mean anything! nails, bolts, dust bunnies, anything, of which I'm sure she found some coins lying around as we had her during our renovation and with two men in the house who liked to fix things you never knew what you would find on the floor. But she lived until 13 years old, so I guess it doesn't happen to all but it could.

Harmful things to your Kitty

Now that you know about what foods and other items to be aware of there is also something else that you should know that will effect all animals, and something we all need, water.

You give your pet water, and may not even think about it, you draw it from the tap and fill their bowl as much as needed during the day.
When we moved into the house we are living in now I came upon a new experience, we have well water but it is very hard. There is a thing called a water softener attached to the intake which draws it through a field of salt to 'purify' it before it comes out the tap. We had to use a PUR water filter at the other house because it was city water. We attached it here but I later found out that the salt gets through and for those with high blood pressure, they should not drink it. So I started to buy bottled water. Now that is mostly all I drink, I don't drink soda, just mainly water with an occasional cup of coffee or juice in the morning and sometimes a glass of milk. While I was being conscience of it's effect on me, it didn't occur to me that I was giving my precious Jazmine that awful tap water to drink and how it might affect her. Now I am not sure of high blood pressure problems in dogs but this is what I do know, salt filtered water can be very bad for your pets. I should have realized this, I used even filtered water for the steamer and it still had built up on it.

I found out too late.

You see, Jazmine's kidneys started to shut down. Her levels were very high. As soon as I found this out (only about a week before she died) I started reading online everything I could about this. I had always been careful of what I fed her but never thought about the water. I started to read about it and saw that it could cause all kinds of problems with the kidneys. I immediately started her on distilled water which the doctor said was good. At the time her prognosis wasn't that serious even though she was 12. But they did say that her back leg muscles were atrophying and we had noticed she would loose her balance once in a while, not a lot though. I thought it was because her appetite hadn't been that good and she might be a bit faint.

I tried all kinds of food to get her to eat but she would barely eat anything. They even gave us a special diet food for kidney disease and she only took two spoonfuls of the whole case we had to buy. On her last day she stopped eating anything, nothing would tempt her, she was still drinking a bit, but could barely stand up. We found out later she'd lost 5 pounds in that last week. It was so very pitiful and hard to watch and feel so helpless, especially since I am a very nurturing type and nobody ever leaves my house hungry, thirsty for anything! and they usually have goodie bags to take with them!

So this, as you can understand was very hard for me. I have been blaming myself so much these past weeks, and really kicking myself for it not occurring to me about the water and what that could be doing to her. So I know the agony it can cause. I know our precious pets don't last forever but we should do everything we can, since we are the humans and should know better, to keep them safe. That is why I am sharing this with you, even though it's very hard for me, and I've been crying all day about it, and dealing with the recriminations, I hope that with this post, even one beloved pet may be spared this, or given a bit longer to live and to give love and hope to their people.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Apology

Yes, another blessing/curse of the INFJ is that we are always looking to make things better, in our little world, in the world of another, and the world in general. And we are constantly apologizing if we somehow can't or if something we tried to do didn't come out as perfectly as we would like.

Some of you have been leaving me notes here and there about seeing my entry into the Polymer Cafe's Black and White Challenge, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I did work hard on this and had been waiting for the issue to come out. I had pondered about what to make. It was a Black and White Challenge and although I'd entered one before, (my first one at the PCAGOE monthly challenge where I won, 2nd or 3rd prize, don't remember) I had made some designs with my Dalmatian featured but decided to go with the nature theme of a tree in winter. When thinking of ideas for the Polymer Cafe's challenge I again pulled out my sketches from that contest to look over but once again, I choose a tree theme over my Dali design. But I thought I recalled mentioning something about Dalmatians in my essay so when I heard that the newest issue was out I wasn't quick to go and see it. I did try a week or two ago and couldn't find it in the stores yet, but because I found out one of my best friends tutorials was in there (more about that later) I did look forward to seeing it.

I didn't manage to procure it until this past weekend. Saturday night we visited Borders. There were only three left. I snapped the above picture and took two and got some other books to look at while in the cafe. I didn't want to look at the magazine there in public, and waited to take it home for private perusal, just in case. I was glad I did. When I got up enough nerve later that night, I quickly scanned through the pages until I came to the challenge section. There were only eight entries and four winners and I didn't even place in any of the top four, and second in the 'runner's up'. That was a bit of a let down for me as I thought I had picked a good subject, one that I had never seen done in Polymer Clay before, and not jewelry as so many entries are. My entry involved many techniques, layering of clay and then carving it away to reveal the color hidden underneath. Carving in a pattern after much study on live birch trees and pictures I'd taken, then studying the Morph version of the Monarch butterfly and making three canes to put this life sized anatomically correct version of it on one of the tree trunks.

I was looking forward to this contest as I thought it was judged by workmanship by peers than by popularity which is the case in other contests I've entered or random drawings. This I thought would truly give me a gauge in how well my art had progressed. Now I know this was only the third time I'd made a complicated cane like this but 'I thought it' turned out well enough. I guess I could have added some antennae to it, but I was overall very pleased with the results, which is not easy for me. :)

Now I had to figure out how to photograph this to best advantage. I tried doing it in my photo studio but it lacked authenticity, I was going for realism and a studio background shot just didn't sit right with me. So I enlisted some help, dragged a table outside to just the right place, then got some polished river rocks to hide the table top and took many shots, many angles (first I actually tried in the grass). Then after hours of going through them, discarding this one for one reason or another, I finally settled on this one particular one. It was balanced, the depth of field was good, showing the clay pieces in focus and the real trees out of focus, but giving the appearance of real (faux) birch trees that somehow had attracted this beautiful morph Monarch to their bark.

I had never sent in a photo for years for anything, juried shows or any contests. So it was new to me that I had to send in an actual printed photo instead of an electronic submission, or at least, a copy of the picture on a Cd or Floppy. So I had to figure out how to do this. I have printed my own pictures on my printer before of course but wanted this to be really good, professional. The deadline was closing in and I remembered seeing online at the CVS site that you can order your pictures online and then go pick them up. Sounded good, I could upload the picture to them and have my husband pick it up the next day on the way home from work. I ordered an 8x10 of the picture at the highest resolution I have to send to the Magazine. But to be safe I also ordered and paid for a 4x6 and a 5x7.

As most women know, husbands tune out 50% of what we say, at least, and if he also has a hearing problems as mine does, it goes up even higher, but I wrote out instructions about this and left them on the table for him to see before going to work. He had switched shifts and was working a much earlier shift, earlier than I like to get up. But the instructions were very clear. I gave him the confirmation printout I received from them and wrote on there he was to bring it home for me to look over before he took it to the PO. I made the mistake of leaving the addressed open envelope with my entry essay and submission page in it on the table by the note. BIG MISTAKE! I was not up when he came home and he took it upon himself to put the 8x10" one in there, seal it up and took it to the PO.

I awoke shortly after he'd left, came out to find the envelope missing, and the envelope from CVS with the two smaller copies in it. I took them out and noticed right away that they had been cropped! I was horrified, not to mention angry that he had left already. A quick call to his cell and I found out he had already been there and was on his way home. When he got home, I showed him those photos and asked if the other he sent was like them. He told me 'no'. I was hoping for once that he was observant and really did look at the photo since he knows how particular I am about my photos, especially ones appearing in National publications, like when I had my Eggplant in American Style Magazine. I took over 250 pictures and went through each one , over and over to get just the right one for publication. But alas, typical man, he had not done so.

As you can see if you have a copy of the October 2009 Issue, it is cut off, actually a great deal is. The top is cropped about a 1/4" but that did not cut into the vase, but the bottom is like an inch worth and totally ruined the harmony and composition of my photo. To me it looks terrible and all my work on doing this, to me, was a waste. I am not proud of this photo or entry and sad, as it is my first (and maybe only after this) submission to the magazine which I have been getting for over five years. I have been working in PC longer than that, but once discovering the magazine and making sure not to miss buying an issue, and having my husband also look at them and keep telling me that my art was just as good and to submit something and when I finally got enough nerve up to do so, this happened.

So I apologize for those who have expected better from me, and for not taking precautionary measures to double check the submission before it left. I really do think my piece was place worthy, but the picture doesn't show that, and I am aware that your photo is what counts in these things. So If I ever do get enough nerve up to submit anything else (actually I had a tutorial on something totally new I was going to submit, but will have to think about that for now), be sure I will handle it all myself and let nothing leave here with out double and triple checking! ;)

I do kind of feel though that the judges at PC have set me back a bit in my confidence, which right now after losing my Editors job and being 'kicked out' of the guild group is rather low to begin with, but I shall recover I hope, and live to see myself published in a better light, once again! :)

( I just re-read this for typos and such and realized to some this may seem like a sour grapes post, but I assure you it is not, that is why it is titled 'Another Apology', I feel I have let my followers down and thought they deserved an accurate explanation. The blame is entirely mine and I accept full responsibility, but another trait of infj's, we tell it like it is, factual, without fluff, but are only accusatory towards ourselves even though it may appear that we are blaming others for our mistakes, but we aren't, we know we alone are responsible for everything we do, and that is what this post is about).

For those interested, this was the picture I sent off to CVS to have printed. I must say that the color in the magazine was way off from my original , even what I got back from the store. The copy of the magazine I have makes the grass look yellow, as well as my 'trees' whereas , you can see in my original below it is a deep green. I thought this was a good compliment to the white and black. I tried to make sure my white balance was good and the black was crisp.

As you can see a good inch or more was cut off from the bottom, which spoils the whole image.

But what is most sad about all this is the essay I wrote to accompany it. Now for me, who definitely falls in the category of 'wordsmith' (one of the titles given to INFJ's as well as an Enneagrams) this was very hard to do. Write in 100 words or less? You got to be kidding?? For some that may be too many words to have to come up with, for me it is torture to cut down to that many. I edited and I edited, but still could only get it down to 102, at least they gave me those two and didn't crop that! :) But as I read it, the sadness deepened, what I really was afraid of seeing when I looked at the magazine, (besides my photo not being right), was that I thought I had written something about Dalmatians in there but couldn't remember what....... But I had.

"I love Black and White - Dalmatian owner here!"

Alas this is no longer true, although when this was published and printed, it was, but no longer. I shall remember the last time we took Jazmine up to the Lake this past Spring and she went for her last swim ever. That day I took some pictures of a birch tree there that I used to help me to authentically carve the lines and branch 'eyes'. She was my best of both worlds, beauty and love, and I shall hold onto that.

Keep watching over my shoulder, my Little, Little one.

Jazz in the back seat of the car on her princess bed, looking over my shoulder when we went up to the Lake last Spring.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are you Eating as healthy as you should?

I am all about organic art, but I also eat organic too, that is why my art is 'double organic' you might say. My works are produced with produce, flowers and fruits and herbs that come either from my own backyard or the organic CSA we belong to for half the year. Many say that they can't eat better, or afford organic food, and yes it usually is more expensive, but you are getting health for what you are paying for and not all kinds of other things that come with commercially grown un-organic foods. Things such as pesticides which can cause all kinds of aliments which you do end up paying for in pain, loss of work and doctor visits, medications, etc. Then there are the hormones, vaccinations, genetically engineered seeds, and more. All things to make you unhealthy, so why not try to make some changes today?

I found this great list to get you started. Even if you can't afford to buy (or can't find) all your foods organic, this is a good start. It is a list of the 12 most contaminated produce and the 12 least contaminated. Try to print this out and put it in your wallet so when shopping you can make healthier choices for you and your family.

12 MOST Contaminated Produce Items

Bell Peppers ( all kinds, green, red, yellow, orange)
Imported Grapes
Red Raspberries

( it is interesting and assuring too that my organic farm has all the above except for the grapes and cherries, plus much more of course, but they are careful to know these are highly contaminated in regular produce).

12 LEAST Contaminated Produce items

Corn (Sweet)
Kiwi Fruit
Peas (sweet)

You may have noticed there is a commonality in the first list among the items, and then there is a commonality in the second group among those 12. Do you see what it is? I'll give you a chance to go back and read each item in the two groups. Try picturing the fruit or veggie as you do.

Did you figure out what it is? Look at the first group, All these items have very thin skins, and all are usually eaten with these skins (some do peel their potatoes, but others leave the skins on because there is much nutrition in the skins, but not if it's counteracted with unhealthy pesticides and more! ).

Now look at the second group. Many of these items you have to peel to eat, such as the Avocados, Bananas, Corn, Kiwi, Mangos, onions, Papayas Pineapples and peas need to be shelled, notice oriental pea pods are not included. I am not sure why Asparagus, Broccoli and Cauliflower are on this list which do not have to be peeled, but from experience in growing myself and also getting from the farm I know that these three are pretty much disease and insect resistant and may not require as much spraying as other crops so that may be the reason.

As far as judging other produce and what to buy organic and what is fairly safe to get un-organic, use that rule of thumb about the thickness of the skin and if the item is usually peeled before eating or cooking.

Bon Apetite!

Hey, have you seen Julie and Julia yet? If not I recommend it's worth to buy a ticket and see it on the big screen. You may even find yourself renting or buying the video when it comes out but now, during the summer harvest season when there is so much available fresh, it really is a great movie to inspire some great cooking. I went to see it only a few days after losing Jazz to get me out of the house basically and still was able to enjoy it enough to recommend, so I know that I will be looking to either see it again in the theatre (it is still playing near me) or getting the DVD when it comes out. It's even inspired my non cooking husband to want to try to learn how to cook and that can't be bad! :)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some of you know of my affiliation with the Etsy Street Team called PCAGOE. From the previous administration of this team (last fall when I joined) to this past July I was the Editor, writer, composer, Circulation and Distribution manager as well as Photo editor for the Newsletter. In other words I put the whole thing together myself (despite written accreditation to others elsewhere). I held this Job on a voluntary basis from March until July and wrote and published all those issues. Due to an internal power struggle, (which I am not interested in participating in as an infj and most infj's will verify this) the job was taken over by another. I tried to hold onto this but after much confliction and biasness (another thing we infj's hate) I had to give up. Sadly this took place the last couple weeks before my darling Jazmines death, and I shall forever be inconsolable over that time I lost trying to stand up for what I believed in, and wasting that time, time I could have spent with her, in her last days. So I stepped down as the Editor but I did not leave the Team. However in my hiatus during my grief period, I have since now found out that I have been removed from the team, both at the forum and in the Flickr Photo pool (this info is so those of you who may have been looking for me in either place will understand what happened to me, if you want more information for your own well being and awareness, please email me at

My apology is to those who had signed up and became used to the quality letter I produced, something I felt 'proud' of because I felt I was giving my all (and about 40 hours time per month, sometimes more) to promote the members of my team, and to inform and entertain our readers.
I feel that I have let you all down, and do feel bad about that, but with these circumstances beyond my control this is what has transpired.

As an INFJ, I am a born linguist you might say, and I have always loved to write. So I have in the works ways to continue to do this, in the polymer clay world and also for artists of a special caliber that creative their art with various materials so stayed tuned here for more information as I shall be making an announcement on that very soon!

Also remember the contest I mentioned in the previous post, keep those comments coming!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Summers gone, Shops Reopened and a CONTEST!

Trying to get it together, I took some time last night and this morning to reopen my shops and to reorganize them with the new etsy feature 'Rearrange your shop'. If you haven't heard about this yet or discovered it and you have an etsy shop, go here and then have fun, it's really easy!

All three shops are opened, including my Polka Dot Sandals, named for my favorite sandals ever that reminded me of my beautiful Jazz, and whose spots are my avatar there.

Organic Odysseys shop

Almost ARTifacts etsy shop

I have a secret contest running which involves comments on my blog. Leave me a comment and get in the drawing for one of these three items featured here. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black and White and Blue over you

I decided to try and return to etsy this week. I happened to check on the treasuries and saw that the T West was opening within a half hour so stayed around to see if I could get one. I had no idea what to do for theme, and what has been foremost on my mind took over. I decided on a tribute to Jazz. That took a lot out of me and I didn't feel ready to reopen my shops yet, maybe soon.

I always loved the contrast of black and white, in a world of color this precious creature of mine stood out without even trying. I shall never look at Black and white the same way again.

I looked through every Dalmatian item listed on Etsy. when I saw 'Cedric the Dalmatian', I was stunned. I've never seen another Dali or picture or depiction of one that looked like my Jazz. Jazmine was a pure breed but she was the 'runt'. Only a week and a half I had gotten a 10 month old male Dalmatian as a birthday present for my Fire Chief Husband. He was very rambunctious and was constantly trying to get my 13 year old Pug to play with him. This was late Spring and it was too much for her. My solution? To get him ( Seven was his name) his own puppy. :) I located a breeder with both parents on the premises and called. I told them who the puppy was mainly for and if he could come along with us to choose his own puppy. They said yes and off we went.

They were all cute but out of the nine (we had first choice) it boiled down to two. One a chubby little boy who seemed to like Seven and was playful with him and the scrawny one they called 'Scrapper' because she was fiesty, even thought the runt, she fought her siblings for her meals. She ended up chasing Seven up onto their sofa and biting his ears. We talked to the couple and asked questions. They told us that the little boy was diagnosed by their Vet with a slight heart murmer. Nothing to worry about but I thought different. If he was to be our only pet that might not be a problem, but to be the companion of another athletic male, that might be another story and I would always worry about it. We saw 'Scrapper' chase Seven up onto the sofa and it was settled. We paid the fee, got the papers and took home Seven's new puppy, stopping along the way to get some Arby's roast beef sandwiches for them both to make it a happy memory for both of them. She ruled the roast and Seven from that day one, always held her own. And would give me this look from which ever soft surface she was laying on at the moment, a look I've never seen another Dali make. I can't find a picture right now of this, but when I showed my husband the treasury I made, he started to cry. He recognized it too, and told me I had to get that print, and so I did.

So Cedric shall soon join the pictures I have of my beloved sweet Jazmine, and seeing it may help me feel not so all alone.

The Artist is Pey from Toronto. Etsy shop Peylu. This is a print of a piece done in acrylic on clay. Check out her shop, She is also a Member of EFA Artists Helping Animals . I found it interesting that we shared something else in common, she has a fetish for chairs like I do. Before we moved I had a huge collection of full sized chairs. That has been paired down greatly but I still have a good sized collection of miniature ones, rattan, twig, turned, metal, as well as a silver charm bracelet with six different style chairs and a newly acquired pair of high back silver earrings. :)



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