Monday, September 7, 2009

Summers gone, Shops Reopened and a CONTEST!

Trying to get it together, I took some time last night and this morning to reopen my shops and to reorganize them with the new etsy feature 'Rearrange your shop'. If you haven't heard about this yet or discovered it and you have an etsy shop, go here and then have fun, it's really easy!

All three shops are opened, including my Polka Dot Sandals, named for my favorite sandals ever that reminded me of my beautiful Jazz, and whose spots are my avatar there.

Organic Odysseys shop

Almost ARTifacts etsy shop

I have a secret contest running which involves comments on my blog. Leave me a comment and get in the drawing for one of these three items featured here. :)


  1. I am so happy to see that you have reopened your shop. I hope things are looking up a little for you now. Hold your memories tightly! I promise things will get a bit better for you each day.

  2. Ooo K.C. I'm always up for a contest, please enter me for a drawing. Glad you have resurfaced. Take care of yourself.

  3. Thank you both ladies! One day at a time, right? :)

  4. maybe try "one clay at a time" :D
    soooooooo glad to see your shops are up again!!!

    the new etsy "rearrange your shop" feature great!I can move stuff around extra fees! :)But, I have to admit I have a real problem ! I can NOT stop rearranging !!!
    Does anybody else find this feature
    addicting ? I like the colors of listings to look nice together ! What??? is this really important!!! I seriously doubt it !
    Welcome back K.C.
    Have you hugged your clay today? :) m.e.

  5. Thanks M.E.! I like that slogan! :)
    Yes, I have the disease of perfectionism and always am looking for a better way to arrange anything! Ask my DH how many times he's come home to the living room or other room rearranged and scolded me (I have a bad back and should'nt be doing this but when the mood strikes, there's no time to wait for help! :D

    I think with my largest shop (OO)I went for arranging like vegetables, or put herbs together, things like that. I only just started yesterday so I'm sure I'll look at it again and want to try something new, but hey, it's free and it's only your time spent in a creative activity! :) have fun! (I need to go smash some clay today, over the weekend I checked out some yard sales and found this cool old, potato masher , it's just solid wood, but thought it would be great for doing the Kato smash with!) If what I make comes out well then I might hug it, for now I am just happy to get back in there and do something with it, even if it doesn't produce any real 'art'. :)

  6. Oh, I'm so happy your shops are open again. Taking it as a sign you are getting stronger after your loss.
    I'm almost afraid to go see the arranging option, but I know I'll be diving in as soon as I can catch my breath.



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