Monday, August 19, 2013

So, what were you doing?

Thought I'd share some of the projects I worked on while making my way back into the Polymer world. During my time away I would still have ideas in my head that made it to the sketchbook but not to the worktable.

I don't recall what finally brought me there; although it may have been a class I attended online with Maggie Maggio;but I've got a few pictures of some of the things I'd done to help me get back on the horse.

I won't say any of these are notable but they helped in getting me in the clay and getting me excited to work with it again.

So, less words. more pictures.

Strange alien life form

Maggie Maggio's split link class

Revamping some burnt beads

Extruder experiments using gold and copper


Extruder pieces using Bettina Welkers retro pixilated formulation with my own twist


Wire Work - working with my favorite metal, copper


                                                                        Helen Briel folded bead 

Pinched petals with scrap clay

                                                                               Faux Metal works


Hope you enjoyed a few of my experimentations, more to come soon!

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