Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Add Some Spice for the Holidays

I love spices, and herbs, wonderful little things from bark, berries, flowers and herbs, these little things take an ordinary dish and elevate it to 5 star dining. Not only do they taste good, flavoring everything from drinks to salads, soups, and meats, vegetables and lots of baked goods, they also add wonderful aromas in every part of our lives, even the non edible.

Who doesn't love a lemon scented soap to make you feel fresh and alive? ( I consider citrus among all these others as it marries so well with them). Or A cucumber sage body wash? Cinnamon scented candles, or ones called something like Pumpkin Pie? I even have one called Root Beer float and it smells exactly like it and true root beer like Virgils, is made from all kinds of botanicals.

We enjoy spices and herbs in our daily lives but don't much pay them the honor they deserve. I was so busy lately with promotion that I somehow missed that I was featured in another treasury. This one is extraordinary, in that it puts the spotlight on the spices of life and it also included my herb flower bracelet. I am honored to be chosen for yet another well made treasury by EvergreenIvy .
So don't forget to try these little but powerful spices, herbs, flowers, citrus, they can be very beneficial health wise so all the more reason, but they sure to make it fun and flavorful!

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