Friday, January 30, 2009

This week was full of surprises!

I hope this doesn't get too long because I don't have that much time to work on it as nightfall is coming, but I couldn't wait to share. Last week I was really pushed to do something about not having any business cards. For months I have had an idea of what I wanted but could find no one to make it for me. I figured I would have to get a stamp made (and was even having trouble with that through alchemy at etsy) and then make my own. But I really needed to get something going, for now. While stumblingUpon on the internet one day I came across this cool blog that had all kinds of alternative business cards from all over the world on it. I looked through each one and decided to change my design, at least put it on the back burner for awhile, until I can make it a reality and instead concentrate on something I could do NOW.

So I remembered I had an program on my old pc for making business cards and went to make a plain card that I could manipulate for space, as I had decided to add a bit of my art work to the card. My main goal in making them , and even with my first design still in the works, was to make something that wouldn't be thrown away or put in a drawer and lost. I am very ecologically minded as some of you know and besides, what good is advertising your art if it's only tossed in with so many others? So with that goal in mind I started to make what I now call, medallions. I made the cards first so I knew how much room I would have and then I made them in three colorways ( the cards but also the medallions as well).

Here you can see them laid out with coordinating medallions on top, ready for gluing.

So I took three colors of clay, sage green, white and black and started to cut out different shapes and use different molds I'd made all last summer from the produce from the CSA organic farm I am a shareholder/member. Then came the fun part, finishing them. With so many ( I think I had over 40) I had plenty of options in these little spaces to try out many techniques and finishes. I was happy with just about all of them and then glued them to the best matching colored card. I then took some pictures and posted them privately over at my guild. The ladies really went for them, even to asking to have one sent to them! I didn't realize they would be such a big hit. I liked them, and knew if I received one, I would be sure not to hide it away and certainly not throw it away, but wasn't ready for others to take to them so well.

And that was just last Thursday. I only had two pictures for open ( public) viewing of them on my Flicker stream but now have opened up more of the designs I've posted for public viewing.

Wednesday was a crazy day for me, as I wrote about yesterday. I was trying my hardest, between losing power over and over and over again and my dog having a seizure, to trying to get pics in the snow storm to get my entry in the PCAGOE's Feb challenge, as it was the last day to enter. So it wasn't until later that I checked my etsy shop and saw I had made the most sales ever since opening shop in Sept. 2008! Later I checked my blog and noticed a great increase of traffic there, and also over at flicker where I was trying to decide which picture to use for my entry. I knew something was up. Recently I had bought advertising in a National magazine and thought it was too early for release, but wasn't sure ( more about that later), but for some reason, I checked my stats at flicker and noticed that my two public photos of the cards were getting the most hits!

I had, just the night before been reading over at PCDaily, Cynthia's ( Tyndale) article on how to get noticed , for the second time! and again said to myself, I won't ever make it there, because I won't toot my own horn, never have been able to, and not today! Even twenty years ago when doing art and craft shows, I would hide out behind the booth and let my husband smooze the customers, :) he is very good that way, but not I. But this really 'smelled' of a PCD find. I have her in my favorite blogs to follow and get a notice in my emails, both of which I hadn't checked for a couple days, because of working on the ACEO. But early in the morning I finally went to check, and boy was I shocked! Not sure if it was because I'd deduced it or because it was a reality! I sure was stunned and pleased that she choose my medallions and card to feature. You can read the article here, and notice that ( I think at least) the colors of my little pieces go smashingly well with her color scheme on her blog, which I've always admired. I think it's beautifully written too, and very thankful to Cynthia for noticing me!

If you haven't read it already, you can here

Clawson brings organics to polymer clay

I also was blown away by all the comments and wonderful compliments, just for my little medallions~! I know by the stats that many have visited my blog ( I THANK YOU) and my flicker site as well as my etsy store

I made 5 sales that day, and couldn't be happier, because now I can get a beehive for a needy community now! Some of you remember the post I made before the new year,

Heifer International Charity Pledge 2009 for Organic Odysseys

where I pledged that my Organic Odysseys store would purchase one behive per month from the sales, ( which will increase the production of food in needy countrys by the pollinations they do). It was looking glum as I only made one sale this month and that wasn't enough to cover it ( even though I'd vowed to make up the difference if needed) but with these five new sales I am over the top to get one and happy for being able to have my shop support it!

So now You can see I am doing the happy dance all around. :) Not sure how all this 'fame' will effect me, my first thought was to go hide out for awhile! But next month my ad comes out, so I'd better get busy. I am planning on some larger works in the near future, so stay tuned for those!

Not to mention I am currently through the weekend featured in two beautiful treasuries, One called, intriguingly, Treasures that an addict discovers and one almost right under it, titled "The Morning after" by a dear guild mate Angeli, who makes the most scrumptious looking pc goodies you can want! Check out her shop Angeli's Shop and go on a calorie free shopping blitz!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Kate, that's so much wonderful in one day! The Medallions are wonderful - who wouldn't want one? And your work is so unique and so beautiful and so -- and don't take this the wrong way, because the word has acquired a negative connotation among some people -- but so SPECIAL. Hooray for your success!

  2. Thank you KM, I really appreciate that coming from you!

  3. Wow, I just discovered your blog from PCD.... so much to look at!!
    I'm adding you to my list :~)

    Keep it up--you're very inspiring!

  4. Thank you Paula, I sure hope I can live up to those kind words! :)



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