Friday, January 9, 2009

Treasuries Galore!

I have been blessed recently to be included in many treasuries and thought I would share and make a public thank you to those who think well enough of my art to include it in this artistic endeavor.

Over the days of Hanukkah, Papercuts from Jerusalem featured my Travelers Mezuzah in her beautiful treasury on the bottom, right under the kinnor harp. This is from my Judaica Store,

I made one myself of my fellow Etsy Polymer Clay artists who feature texture in their pieces, which I , of course love!

It featured fine Polymer clay artists of the PCAGOE street team such as:
with alternates of laurelsteven, pollyhyper and Chicki
If you are intrigued by their works, please click on their names and visit their shops to see more fabulous pieces.

Next I was featured in this lovely treasury by YonatDascalu, both my Eggplant and pearls necklace and my Nasturtium budding pendant! I am honored! Thank you Yonat, be sure to visit her shop on etsy, she does amazing works of art from Israel.

Some of the artists are from our guild, others that haven't discovered what a great bunch we are yet! All fantastic works including that lovely purple necklace from one of our gentlemen members, Revonav.

Then I composed one for the 2009 winter challenge but forgot to get a screen shot of it! But you could see all of the entrants on my other post about the challenge, so no big loss. A few others also made treasuries from it, as we like to get the word out to come and vote and be entered to win beautiful prizes.

I woke up today to find I had two convos, and it's been quiet for awhile so I was surprised to find that I had been featured in two more treasuries, and would like to thank leandogpottery for this one, it is so springy to me, especially since we are in the middle of an ice storm and it's so dreary out!

And then there is this one, the first one I have one of my men's items featured, my Savory Cabbage money clip. This one has been curated by Eugena777 a newly discovered by myself Polymer clay artist!

Thank you all for making my artwork a part of your etsy collage called Treasury!

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  1. Hey, thanks so much for featuring my alethiometer in your treasury!



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