Monday, August 31, 2009

Riding the Wave - Hiroshige

I was thrilled when I saw the artwork for the August Challenge from Art Bead Scene at the beginning of the month. I had a piece I was waiting to create something with that would be worthy of this artwork. But life happens, I lost my job, and death happens, I lost my best friend. It has been hard and I couldn't bring myself out of my grief long enough to go into the studio. But I felt myself drowning, almost as if I were being swept away by this wave, I then realized I needed to get into the studio, wither I wanted to or not.

I actually wanted to complete the Inro to go with this but couldn't get out to get more of the clay I needed, and didn't have the time. So I went for making the netsuke, the piece that counter balances the Inro when hung on the obi that binds the kimono. I used a vintage wood block that I think was used for wallpaper printing to make a mold to pattern the faux cinnabar with. I thought it was appropriate since the artwork for the challenge is a wood block print of Mt Fuji by the artist Hiroshige.

I've taken this picture of my necklace leaning up against my first jewelry box. I've had this since about 7 years old so it is quite vintage. I never realized until today when taking the picture that Mt Fuji was featured on the top.

Be sure to check out all the great entries from the Challenge here at the Art Bead Scenes flickr group.

It's been cathartic, and it has helped to raise my head above the water. I hope that it will continue and I thank all of those of you who have left words of encouragement and sympathy for me, they mean a lot. TY.



  1. That piece is perfect!!!
    So glad you went back to your studio!
    The process of creating can take you to a very healing place.
    I made a little sign for my home to help me remember need to make one for yourself
    :) m.e.

  2. So glad that your Muse helped you through. What a lovely post...(and my post had the exact same name! Great minds think alike...!)
    Wishing you peace in your heart.
    You have made a most beautiful piece.
    And as my friend tells me daily..."Art Saves Lives"

    Enjoy the day!

  3. Thank you M.E. I shall do that! And thanks for your comment on my effort, it did help, sometimes we don't realize how much until we force ourselves. :)

    Erin, I'll check out your blog! I love the piece you did, thanks for your compliments on mine, and your well wishes, so appreciated. :)

  4. So good to see you creating again. Your work is always amazing to me. I love how you put this together.
    Continued prayers for healing and blessings are heading your way.

  5. thanks Jill, they are much appreciated!



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