Monday, October 5, 2009

Baltimore Clayworks Exhibit

This past Spring I was contacted by a representative of the Baltimore Clayworks Museum asking me if I would be interested in participating in an upcoming Exhibition featuring Jewelry made from ceramics, Polymer Clay and PMC (Precious Metal clay). I was hesitant at first, always thinking my art isn't worthy enough but was convinced to participate and I started to think of what designs I wanted to submit.

I wanted a variety since this was a jewelry show and the patrons would be able to actually purchase any of the pieces that caught their eye. I had a few months to work on these and then get them photographed to use for publicity. We were allowed to submit between 10 and 15 pieces.

I chose to use a variety of methods and finishes that I've come up with featuring many different botanicals. I choose herbs, flowers, plants vegetables and even some abstract designs to round out my offerings. The show is titled, 'Adornment Adored' and I wanted my pieces to not only be works of art but accessable in that they would be loved and easily able to fit into the wardrobe of many women and worn on more than one occasion. Now that it is officially started I wanted to share with you some of the pieces I submitted.

They have been advertising the show for about a month here and when I first visited the upcoming shows page I was very surprised to see that one of my pieces was chosen out of the hundreds sent in to be part of the slide show of a few examples of what would be there. There are only 10 pieces shown, from out of over 30 artists (in PC, PMC, and ceramic , which all are represented in the slide show) exhibiting with each at least 10 pieces exhibited so I am honored to be featured in this way. You will find the piece of mine that they included in the slide show right after the stunning circle necklace of the wonderful Louise Fischer Cozzi. Also in that slide show, you will see the works of Versatile and talented Artist Eugena Topina of Maryland and the amazing Elise Winters from New Jersey, my home state. I am humbled to be featured with these fine artists.

Also included in the show are other fine Polymer Clay artists such as Jan Geisen, Angela Hickey, Jill Kollman and Wandie Ortiz, each having their own distinctive style.

They gave me a press release to publish but you can click on the links above for the same info. Just basically:

Adornment Adored

October 3rd – November 6th, 2009
opening reception on Saturday, October 3rd, from 6 to 8 pm.
Admission is free.

If you are in the area during this time, stop in, it's free and I'm sure you will love being able to see such beautiful works displayed professionally covering the mediums of earthen clay, synthetic clay and metal clay. Let me know if you go!

Pieces shown, Picture one, this is a 'fish fossil' brooch with beaded border.Picture two is one of many sets I sent, this one is titled Herbes Organique, and each PC 'coin' features a different herb with the French word for it stamped into the clay and each one is given a different metallic treatment. Necklace and matching earrings with bronzed findings. Picture three is another set, the Wild Carrot done on a three shaded Skinner blend with copper findings. Necklace, Earrings and Ring set. Picture Four is a Necklace designed around the pendant of the fish fossil against a background of bubbles. I made matching beads in the copper clay and placed them with black lava beads on the one side and the other has various moss turquoise on the other. It is finished with Turquoise chips and a copper clay covered magnetic clasp. Picture Five is of the Sage Leaf Barrette that is featured on the Baltimore Clayworks Exhibit page for Adornment Adored! I'll post more of my pieces in an upcoming post. For some reason I can't get Blogger to publish a clear picture.To see these pieces more clearly, just click on them and you will get a clear larger picture. Just be sure to hit your back button to come back to finish reading this post! :)



  1. Hello Kate,

    Congratulations on being selected to exhibit in this very prestigious venue! Congrats also for winning the random drawing over at Art Bead Scene! Things are looking up.


  2. Thanks! I sure hope so, from your mouth.............:) Have a good day!

  3. Congrats! These are GORGEOUS pieces!!! My favorite is the necklace in the second photo :)

  4. That is so fantastic Kate!! I'm so happy for you! I hope you not only sell your pieces but also gain ongoing exposure to your work and shop! :)))

  5. So excited to hear that you are included in this show! I live just an hr. from Baltimore and hope to see the exhibit within the next 2 weeks!

  6. Your work is fabulous ! Wish I could see this exhibit in person.

  7. Thank you all, read my update on this though, a bit hesitant now to send others over!



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