Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting bit of news!

I just found out that of the many Treasuries I've curated for Etsy, one finally made it to the Front Page! I was sleeping but others caught it and now I have it documented over at my Flickr Stream.

Take a look if you'd like. It's dreary here today and I've really been wanting to get into my clay but spent yesterday taking advantage of the sun and doing some photo shoots and lots of cooking and baking for the weekend, so this cheered me up a bit!

Organic Odysseys Photostream.

Oh, one other thing I'd like to add. I want to thank Eugena Topina for taking some photos at the Baltimore Clayworks Museum, Adornment Adored Opening and posting them to her blog. This is the show I was so enthusiastic about at the beginning of the week. I must say that my enthusiasm has deminished quite a bit and I am not exactly thrilled with the 'museum standards' they applied in displaying my work and was quite a bit disappointed in that. You can see in the pictures how the necklaces are just hung off the branches with no other support. I haven't posted my most intricate piece for you to see yet but I hope it doesn't suffer too much! I was planning on taking a trip there to see it in person but I don't see the need to now, I know it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. I just hope what doesn't sell comes back in the same condition I sent it in.

UPDATE! After trying for two days straight I finally got another Treasury, take a look, it's called, Give me Life, Not Death!

Tis whispy fine threads that carry this seed to unknown parts to bring life were there was none...

I didn't think it possible to capture the finest threads of the head of a Dandelion seed, more delicate and fine than a spiders thread, but I am amazed at the capabilities of Polymer clay once again.



  1. So sorry for the disappointment concerning the show... your work is incredibly unique... hopefully, people will see past the display...

    I know what you mean about making it to the front page and not knowing!! I did a search the other day for past treasuries and I made the front page too!! back in August! :))) I don't care when it was, it is just so cool to have made it there! :)))

  2. I too had planned to visit the Baltimore Clay Works show. But, the lack of care they took with the wonderful polymer jewelry has me too upset to go! This is not the forum to vent my extreme displeasure at their lack of respect for both the Artists and their Art !
    Wonderful treasury Kate !!!
    LOVE both the picks and the theme .Very refreshing and revitalizing for this time of year !
    Just the dose of positive I was needing ! Thank you for sharing .
    :) m.e.

  3. Thank you both! I am a bit disappointed but I will chalk it up to a learning experience and hope that they didn't scratch the back of my bracelet when jamming between all those branches!



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