Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Review - Jewelry Inspirations - Sherri Haab

What's New Wednesday is Continued with this special edition. What's New? This new book by Sherri Haab called Jewelry Inspirations. Yes, she has a new book coming out, available in book stores on March 9th that I just had to tell you about. Published by Watson-Guptill a subsidiary of Random House, the parent company that was owned by my employer of long ago when I worked for a major newspaper.

I have to say that of all the books I have on Jewelry and Polymer Clay as well as other art forms this book is a gem. Just for the layout alone its worth getting but Sherri takes us inside her world and treats us to first hand processes of her artistic endeavors.

You are invited to bestselling author and crafter extraordinaire Sherri Haab's Studio - where her inspired jewelry designs come to life!

Sherri gathers inspiration from all areas of her life and shares how her childhood memories, personal collections, love of cooking and gardening, early crafting experiences, and favorite times of the year become the basis for her charming jewelry designs. She walks you through the process of developing Creativity and over coming the biggest deterrent to it: fear that our artwork won't be perfect. There’s inspiration all around you, and Sherri shows you how to find it.
Each chapter is Ornamented with great Eye candy that suits each section. I love the Shabby chic medicine cabinet full of color sectioned cork topped vials and small bottles of the most luscious beads.
Sherri also demonstrates techniques in wire work, resin, polymer clay, metal clay, and image transfer. Dedicating a section just to these techniques so you can try out the projects further on in the book that call for these techniques.

Each section after that teaches you projects in headings such as Memories, Seasons, Collections, Blast from the Past and Hobbies. Each Chapter starts with where the inspiration comes from for these projects. And there's wonderful glimpses into her studio and teaching room where you can see her organization as well as Inspiration that fuels the beautiful pieces she makes.

The photography is superb and inspiring in itself which makes following all the projects and learning new techniques a breeze with step by step, clear and concise photos to guide you through each project.

Here's a few things that can be found in this wonderful book to tantalize your creative flow:

  • Casting nostalgic toys and game pieces into fine silver for one of a kind charms
  • Using silicone mold putty to make 3-d Art beads from nature
  • Toner copy transfer to copper for beautiful etched components
  • Making modern adornments from Grandma Jewelry box
  • Using Fiber for soft connections in your jewelry pieces

Frankly I have never seen a more pleasing book that has so much soul in it, as well as artfully conceived, with such a diversity of projects and techniques. A must for every Jewelry makers library for sure, it would take many books to equal the wonderful variety this one book contains. If you aren't inspired to make many new creations using the techniques in this book then I would hesitate to guess you really haven't found your niche in jewelry making!

Look for it in your favorite Book Stores on March 9th



  1. I am totally getting a copy of that book! I have seen some great reviews. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Oh Do, I think you'll really love it Erin!:)



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