Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team Tuesday Announcement

As I mentioned before I need to cut back right now on my blogging schedule. I will try to make a Team member post once a month. But I have made a special page that lists all my Team T International Members where you can find each one of them along with the links to their shops. Also each month I will be picking a theme and highlighting some picks from some of the members shops. Each month will have a different theme and different shops will be highlighted so you can get to know them all well!

You can find my New Team T ( T for Treasury!) International Page Right Here!

Please take a look through these find shops, picked for their excellence of their chosen craft!

As soon as I get a chance I will update that page to make it more shopper friendly by listing them according to the products they make and sell, but we have a great mix, Candles, Soaps, Clothing, Vintage, Handbags, Pet Paraphernalia, Paper Products, Ceramics, Fiber works, and of course Jewelry and more!

So take a minute and get to know Team T International - We love to make Treasuries!


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