Monday, March 15, 2010


You probably haven't heard me speak of my backyard deer in quite awhile. After cutting back on the feed last summer so they would eat a more diversified diet I didn't see them return this past fall and not all winter. Which is not to say they weren't here, but I didn't see them. But just the other day as I was going into the kitchen I looked out and something caught my eye, yep, there was a deer at the picnic table.

She seemed very skittish and I was not sure if this was one of 'ours' that had been raised up eating around that table or not. She only stayed a few seconds and something I couldn't see or hear startled her and she took off.

A bit later I was going back into the kitchen again and I saw her come back, this time with a companion, or two, make that three, then four. Only one made it to the table to eat the others seemed skittish too and soon they all bolted back into the woods. There I observed that there were five in total. So I am not sure that this is the same family. But it doesn't matter, I love them all.

And today I was going through my emails and found this cool video a friend had sent me. If you love wildlife, nature and especially oddities you may want to watch this. I was fascinated. I remember back years ago where I used to live that we had a half albino deer. The front looked like any white tailed deer but the back was white and spotted with some brown spots. Very easy to see in the woods as most times of the year. I think I caught a glimpse of it about three times. But these are spectacular, especially the Buck with the white antlers.

If you've got children, you may want to call them to the computer to view with you. It is a spot from PBS so is G rated.




  1. Wow thoose white deers were spectacular, ten year old was fascinated by them as was I.

    Lucky you to have deer in your backyard and as much as I love to watch them I'm glad I'm in a part of England that doesn't have them in peoples backyard as it would break my heart if they ate my vegetable crops.

  2. Hi Kella, I long ago given up growing my own edibles or non edibles (flowers) for the same reason. Even if I didn't put out food specifically for them wild animals always know it is safe to come to my house wither for food or for rescue.

    One year I too in the house to over winter an impatient plant. Around January I took cuttings and patiently and carefully rooted them, then put them in small pots, then larger and they grew big and started to have flower buds. This was the first time I'd done it and was very proud of those little plants that I'd nurtured throughout the winter with no green house or special aids to help. I planted them all along the drive, and the baby deer promptly ate them for dessert once they finished the corn we'd put out for them! I'm sure they thought I'd planted the flowers just for them. Now I don't even plant flowers. :) I just go to gardens and enjoy someone else's work! :)

  3. Oh dear Kate, I know exactly how you felt, the slugs and snails get mine every years but I so need to keep one hand in the soil I think I would resort to some sort of caged vege patch though, which might work to keep out the 4 legged critters but not thos pesky slugs and snails, pooh! :)



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