Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mountains and Rocks

We went up to the mountain lake this past weekend. It was rather dreary, again the sun wasn't out but we had a picnic in the car and then took Jazz for a walk! She loved it but was pooped the next day! I did find some cool rocks I just had to take some pics of. Also some of the interesting winter scenery that I hope won't last for long. It's amazing some things will dry out and stay up all winter!

I don't know what they are but I love the texture! I took several pictures but this was the only one that came out, it was quite breezy and they stand about 4 feet tall so the wind was moving them back and forth quite a bit, but this one stood still long enough for me to capture it clearly.

And here are some of the rocks. I must admit I have always had a fascination with rocks. Walking to school I would have to go down my grandparents driveway which was not paved and I still remember walking and looking down to see what interesting stone may have come to the surface after the last rain. One time I found a stone that on one side looked like Comedy and the other Tragedy. I still have it somewhere. I also remember when I was about 16 I skipped school with my BF and we went riding his dirt bike somewhere I don't remember but there was a stream and I found these most beautiful rocks. I ended up filling my pockets with them and on the way back they ended up tipping us over! He made me dump them all out which I wasn't too happy about, even though I had a skinned up leg and bruised hip!

I love the texture and color of these, I don't know what they are but they are fascinating. And they aren't gray, they really are that bluish color. I think if I could refine that they would make lovely earrings, a bracelet, necklace........... And look at this Beauty. It looks as if someone painted it. Reminds me of the Lascaux cave paintings!

So it wasn't a total waste, we also found a cool park not far up the road.
They had some old log cabins from some historical site and also a new bandstand. looks like it may be fun to visit in the warmer months.
On our way out, I noticed they had these interesting leftovers from winters ravaging, I think this is some kind of sedum, all I know is I loved the colors and it was beautiful on a dreary day.

All in all it was a lovely day but I was happy to get home! And on the way, the sun did pop out to give us a beautiful sunset!

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