Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eco Eggplant

I like to incorporate recycled materials into my artwork wherever possible. Many don't realize that being a Polymer clay artist is one of the less wasteful kinds of art there is. We do accumulate scraps but those scraps are saved and recycled. There really is no need to throw any away. The least you can do with it is to mix up your scraps and use it for the base of so many things. But you can also use other recycled items as well. I have plenty of jars saved to cover as well as many other things , but one day I was changing a light bulb and realized I couldn't put this in the recycle bin, but what could I do with it?

Actually I had some others saved with some dried oranges, some wasp nests and other things I was going to use to spray all gold and make a wreath with some day. Never got the round tuit though, so they sat in a box. I emptied out the box, kept the bulbs and have now started to designs ways I can incorporate them in my clay art. This is my first. It is with a premium light bulb that is longer than most. I thought it was perfect for an Eggplant. I wanted it to be a rather whimsical sculpture so I used various mini stamps and texturizing tools to give the fruit some interest. The stem is actually molded from my mold I made last year from a fairytale eggplant. I have many more ideas in mind for my growing collection of burnt out bulbs, I will share them with you as I do them.



  1. I don't do polymer clay, but I know that you bake it. Do you bake it with the light bulb?

  2. Hi Gayle, thanks for stopping by! Yes, this light bulb is completely covered with the clay and then baked. I was a little leery of working on such thin glass but it is rather tough. It makes a great, light weight armature (form) to shape the clay around and to stay out of our landfills or the ocean!


  3. Fabulous piece, Kate! You have nerves of steel to work on such thin glass. I salute you! :)



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