Friday, March 27, 2009

Swan Lake

Last weekend we took a drive to our local lake
(different from the last lake I talked about) and while eating our little snack we'd brought with us this is the view we enjoyed. Those yellow looking trees are weeping willows, one of my most favorite trees. I always wanted to plant one in my yard but DH said no, they are water seeking and will clog the septic tank. Ugg! Well at least now I get to see many of them ( this park has dozens) anytime I want and only barely 10 minutes away.

Isn't that a beautiful view and that is from the side of the road where we parked. We usually see the regulars, the Canadian Geese, the Mallards and some other domestic geese and ducks, but this time, yes, that's right, we got the treat of seeing this beautiful creature~! We saw him or her, two years ago and never last year in all the times we went, but here he/she was, serenely floating on the water and close to the edge, dipping her head down over and over eating at something on the bottom. It was wonderful to sit and enjoy our late lunch and watch this, as well as see the trees getting ready to burst into green and color. This park also has over 50 dogwoods, both pink and white and a street that runs through it is lined with cherry trees and when they start to fall off, it's like a Pink Barbie Parade is happening! I'll get pictures and share in about another month or so.

I hope this weekend is as peaceful as last. Just look at the rosy glow of the sunset tinting her graceful neck! And when I got home and looked at the pics I noticed that her beak isn't just orange but two shades of pink and then orange. What a beautiful creature, I am so thankful to have witnessed this right before sundown!

I have been super busy this week that is why no blog posts but I promise I have some cool stuff to post soon!

Happy Spring!

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