Monday, May 18, 2009

Clean Art

Hee, Hee, I couldn't resist. I found these searching for a certain kind of gemstone on the internet and had to share. These are gorgeous! If I still owned my own house I would seriously want at least one bathroom to have one of these wonderful , functional pieces of natural art! Although I don't know as if I could choose just one................
This beauty is Terra Cotta and Chrysocolla

I can't believe he chisels these out by hand, would be so afraid of shattering it, I wouldn't be able to make the first strike!

This one made of Amber looks like it has a butterfly caught in it, because it does! Go to the site and look on the bottom of the page and you can see this one lit from below and a close-up of the butterfly. I think I would have pruney hands everyday because I would spend so much time washing my hands, like I don't do that enough already!
Persian Turquoise Go and check out this studio, and be awed! Rachiele - Sinks that make Sense

OK, last one, this is my favorite, It is Arizona Turquoise and Terra Cotta, a very earthy and beautiful combination. Reminds me of earth and sky or earth and water, or earth and sky and you then add the water!



  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I'd be afraid to use them, and would just want to sit and look at them.

  2. These are breathtaking. I love the Amber one. I would probably spend hours just in the bathroom just staring at it.

  3. I know what you mean! At least you could say you were just having good, clean fun! :)



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