Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Cherry Blossoms

Last week I mentioned I went out to the farm, instead of going to the park to see the Cherry blossoms that line a street that cuts through the park. However I really didn't miss them. About a minute before the farm I glanced down a street in the middle of cornfields and saw a magnificent site! This little street that ended in a cul-de-sac was lined by very old Cherry Trees, full of blossoms. On the way back from the farm I slowed down and started snapping pictures. This street was not only lined with them but it seemed almost every house had another somewhere on their lawn along with other ornamental flowering trees and shrubs. A truly magnificent site! I'll try not to show you all the pictures I took, try to restrain myself but I have never seen such a thing and it was much more wonderful than those at the park as they are on a double wide street and this was much more intimate, the trees almost touching over the roadway.

Ahh, what I wouldn't pay to stay a week, that week in one of those houses! doesn't that look like someone had a Barbie party there? Or maybe Elle Woods lives here?

But first some pics from the farm, I am getting so excited, craving in fact some fresh greens, garlic, onions, spinach, peas, strawberries..............................opps better stop, getting myself hungry, and probably you too!

Ah never mind, lets go PINK!

This particular house had what looked like a weeping cherry among the regular cherry and it sure looked like a lovely place to picnic! Sad thing, I saw no one out of their houses on such a beautiful day on such a beautiful street!

I couldn't stop snapping pictures, from all angles, sadly the street was set on North South axis and it was getting late so the color wasn't as good as I'd like, but it still was wonderful to drive slowly down this street, and be amazed at all the beauty, beauty that would only last one week of the year, beauty, that if a storm came and it was a rainy week , would last even less and may be missed entirely. If I hadn't gone early to the farm, I never would have seen this , so am very grateful to be blessed with this wonderful site. Even Jazz seemed impressed, she loves Pink, the Princess that she is. We got her a new collar last year for her b'day, and put it on and told her how pretty she looked in her pink collar. She had never, in her 11 years liked wearing a collar, and would only tolerate it for going out for a walk, but this she liked and still wears it to this day. Now the pink princess t-shirt I got her last week for her birthday, lets just say they haven't made friends just yet.


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