Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Sky Green Earth

Originally uploaded by Revonav
I just came across these beauties on David Revonav's Flickr stream. Wow! Aren't they beautiful? Would make a wonderful gift wouldn't they? ( anyone want to gift me with them?) :)

I love the colors, a bit muted, yet still calming and earthy. And the Texture, like nothing I've ever seen before and you all know I have 100's of hand made texture plates as well as lots of natural 'texturizers' I use in my work.

Bravo To David for this very modern, yet timeless piece! I see he's got them in his shop, I'm sure they won't last for long though!



  1. Those are beautiful and had me looking at his shop again longingly. Love his rings too!

  2. What beautiful earings! David does incredible handmade work. A perfect marriage of earthy and modern!

  3. Lovely earrings, and Mr. David is a delight as well!



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