Monday, May 4, 2009

World Peas?

Nope, just local. I now know for sure that Spring has sprung, at least in this part of my world. I have been out to my CSA Organic Farm and seen the peas, springing up from the earth. Nothing says Spring to me like fresh peas! Needless to say I was surprised to find my pea vase in a Pea Treasury today --------->.

The peas did not do well at the farm last year. In fact there really was no picking of them, I only got a few to use in my art, and this vase is the only thing I made, I didn't even take a mold so it is very special. I love how the tendrils show up, so delicate, they reach out and grab a hold of anything that they brush against. Reminds me of a newborn babe, who when you place your finger, so large, inside their palm they instinctively grab a hold, so tight, not letting go, grabbing onto a stronghold, to keep them grounded so to speak. Yes, I wax philosophical. I guess I needn't tell you how much I love spring, that it is my most favorite time of year, nor will I reveal how many photos of SSring things I've taken or how little of my art...................but I will get back there.

We took a drive, just to go see the cherry blossoms at the park, but I got guided in the opposite direction, the farm was calling to me to come, see the new life emerging from the earth, so I heeded the call and am glad I did. I will share with you later some of the wonderful discoveries I made, and would have missed had I not gone out just then, but for now, here's what I found at the farm. Yes, the onions are high, the leeks too, the strawberries look good and the fields are freshly plowed, but what captured my heart and attention was this field , that if you didn't look closely enough, you wouldn't notice the little plants emerging from the earth with their rounded , petal shaped leaves, and the delicate tendrils budding, ready to start reaching grab a hold, to steady themselves, to weather the winds, the spring rains, to grow, still delicate, but full of the fruits of their labor, the sweet, green pods, full of little round orbs, waiting to be eaten fresh or cooked slightly and buttered, bursting spring freshness and earthy goodness into ones mouth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I still recall the wonderment on my grandsons face, years ago, when I brought him out to my garden and showed him my little pea patch. I taught him how to carefully pick them from the vines, careful not to pull up the whole plant, and then we sat on the porch and I showed him how to get the peas out. He was enchanted, I told him to go ahead, taste one. At first he wasn't so sure , then looking at me with trust, he reached into the pod and took one and popped it into his mouth. A look of delight first came to his eyes and then radiated down to his mouth where it ended in a smile. He loved them, and finished off that pod in no time and then set about eating the rest that we had picked. They never saw the inside of my kitchen! What a delight to share that with a child, but then again, I love it too every Spring so it is a pleasure that can last your whole lifetime.

If you haven't your own pea patch, see if you can't at least get some fresh at your local market, and taste spring once again! Enjoy the Peace ( peas)! :)

For the first few that come in, why not add fresh and uncooked to some fresh made potato salad that is sprinkled with some fresh spring chives!

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