Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Why does that make me think of hunting? I'm not a hunter by a long shot, but anyway, I was tagged by my lovely guild member Sharon of Sharon'sJewelryGarden and I have to tell you six things, no, six Silly things that make me happy. Then I have to tag others and make them do the same! heehee!

Ok, six things:

1. Snuggling into a fresh made bed with nice clean 300+ count sheets after a bath.
2. Saving a dollar on a bar of clay because I have a coupon and that's all I want in the store for now.
3. Watching out my patio door at the circus in my backyard, be it the crazy squirrels fighting over a huge pile of corn, or even standing down three growing fawns, the chipmunks racing back and forth and making the doves fly up in a panic and the young birds learning how to use the birdbath and many more backyard shenanigans! Better than any zoo , my own Greatest show on Earth!
4. Being the first to open a special Magazine, with no creases in it!
5. Watching the fireflies light up the night because they remind me of the twinkle lights I keep throughout my house year round for that soft lighting look.
6. Sniffing my Jazmines head. I've never heard of this from anyone else, but I swear it's true, when she's Happy (most of the time) when you sniff right in the middle of her forehead you can smell something like perfume, not overly sweet and cloying, but a wonderful scent, almost like babies have their own special scent, so does she ( Jazmine is my Dalmatian) :)

I'm sure there are more silly things but that is all I'll bore you with right now. :)

Now, my victims...................


So if you have been tagged, this is all you have to do. Here's how it works: List Six Silly Things That Make You Happy then post and link to the person who tagged you. Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along. Come on and play, it's summertime fun! ( I tagged eight just in case some are too busy to post). :)


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  1. thank you dear, i have been tagged so many times, i don't have anything new to tell!! LOL



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