Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. Michael

I grew up listening to Motown. I had requested for my 13th birthday party ( the first I'd ever had just for me, usually mom would combine everyone whose birthday was in the summer in one party, which included, Dad and both grandparents, everyone but HER!) Anyway, I received my own stereo that year as my gift and Dad allowed me one real LP to play on it. I choose the Motown double anniversary record and played it to death! I didn't have a picture of the Osmond brothers on my wall from Teen magazine, I had pictures of Michael Jackson and the Jackson5. You see I could relate, Michael was only one month younger than I and I thought it so cool he had these older brothers that let him in their band ( little did I know at that time that he was carrying them all! ).

Through the years I've watched him on and off. Of course I bought the Off the Wall album and Thriller! Wore those tapes out too. But in later years all I could feel for him, no matter what the tabloids said, was deep sorrow, for the little boy he never was allowed to be. He never got to find himself. I don't really know what happened and I'm sure people will be talking and twittering and text messaging about it for months, maybe years, but one thing I do hope, is that he finally found Peace.



  1. I have felt similarly about the life of this very tourted soul. He was it seemed a very damaged individual. I have felt nothing but immense sadness for him and I hope that his children will somehow now survive in this world that will be obsessed with them. I have also felt alot of anger at the media for the cruel way they have portrayed him over the years, I hope they accept some of the blame for the damage they have created and lay off his children now.

  2. From your mouth................



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