Monday, June 8, 2009

Team T Treasury

Click on Treasury to see - on view until June 9 Tuesday 8:30pm EST

I finally got a chance to post a Treasury for my new team. I was asked to join a little over a week ago but hadn't caught a treasury since, not for lack of trying though. I had this one all ready so when the Treasury West opened early Sunday morning I snatched one right up! It's that time of year, brides, grooms, weddings, guests, honeymoons. Love is in the air. .......



  1. Beautiful treasury, and thanks for stopping by and commenting om my pea pod earrings! Hope you can harvest some lovely fresh peas for your work. By the way, I am curious if you have a recipe for the orange ginger vinagrette you mentioned on your previous post. I would love to make it!

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Sharon, I'll post it, sometime this week. With the first of the strawberries hopefully we will get tomorrow ( if its not raining too hard we're supposed to have another week of rain)I will be making that salad so I'll have a picture to post with it! :) Thanks for asking and stopping by!



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