Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can't get that song out of my head

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It haunts me as I try to sleep, which frankly is a lot better than in the past few weeks where I would go to sleep and wake up with 'Beat it', 'Thriller', 'Billy Jean' and numerous other MJ songs in my head, probably from watching too much news, something that hasn't proved a good thing for me in the past, especially since 9-11-01. :( And thankfully the dreams of Michael have stopped, I kept dreaming of how I could talk to him, help him to keep from destroying himself and to not worry about what others think of your outside, that is their problem that they need to deal with, but it never had a good ending because he's dead). So if you see someone in pain, try to help them while they can be helped. I guess this is so natural to me and not others as this is a common INFJ trait, and had I continued through medical school I would most likely have pursued becoming a psychologist as it seems after looking back, my main goal in life has been to help others or at least try but I've found many really don't want to be helped, sad though that is. But many times I'm not perceived that way and many misunderstanding happen and being an 'In', an introvert I usually would just shrink away. But I've also found that lately I've been trying to defend myself and that backfires too. :( It's so hard being an INFJ sometimes I wanna scream, "why me!??", Why can't I be like 'normal people', whatever that is? :) But I suppose there is a very good reason for us in the world, but why the small proportion I don't understand, only 1% of the population????

I personally think we would do much better in the whole world if there were more INFJ's people that are/were like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Elenore Roosevelt, and even Carl Jung ( nice to know he was, wish he was alive today to talk with) and some say even the prophet of King David, Nathan was one as well as Jesus Christ? Now I'm not sure how all that can be figured on someone not here today, but I guess it's good to be in that kind of company. :)

Anyway, still had the song below on my mind, so I made this treasury to put it in a visual artistic form. Click on the picture to take you there to view full size. Let me know what you think! I love to read your comments. :)

Lyrics | Hoagy Carmichael lyrics - The Nearness Of You lyrics

Great pieces in this Treasury song collage by:




  1. Hey KC, We INFJs rock! I can tell somthing is going on with you and I am reaching out to you now. Hang in, hang on,hang out and have some fun!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. My heart aches for your pain and sadness. You do so many wonderful things and your encouragement and wisdom and kindness already have made and continue to make a real difference in so many of our lives. Really, we "olive" you :)!



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