Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art Bead Scene July Challenge Lascaux Cave Painting

Have you ever wanted to visit the ancient caves in Lascaux France? That is where a multitude of ancient drawings (some debunk and call it juvenile graffiti) have filled many of the walls and ceilings of these caves in France.

You can take a virtual tour there by going here. It takes you through each room with a diagram on the bottom right that shows your progress. Reminds me of the tombs of the Ancient Pharaohs of Egypt and how their tombs with numerous chambers were built. Here is the site from the French Ministry of culture in English.

Why would you have any interest in taking this tour? Well if you are a lover of art, or art beads or ancient things, this is sure to present you with a delightful 5 minutes or so. Also because ART BEAD SCENE is hosting a challenge this month, not with Renaissance painters, or even more modern ones, but of an unknown painter or group of painters from far in the past, from a section of one of the most ancient large paintings of all time.

Here is a photo of the picture above from the angle of the drawing on the cave itself for perspective. This is the first part as you enter the caves and is called the Great Hall of the Bulls. It has a strange animal there, seen in the top picture to the far left, and in the one below in the upper left corner, it has the 'horseshoes' on its rump and has strange looking horns and is called by the French, the 'Unicorn'.

The challenge is to make a piece of jewelry using this as your inspiration and using at least one art bead. Ever since I heard what the painting would be I have been tossing around so many ideas. Since I love ancient history and ancient cave drawings and have studied ancient petroglyphes, this is right up my alley! So it hasn't been difficult to come up with an idea so much as to pick only one! But I think I've finally settled on one and aim to get started on it today sometime! I will post pictures in progress to share with you, meanwhile if you are a jewelry artist why not give it a try? Go here for details, Art Bead Scene July Challenge.

Have fun! and even if you don't enter, check out the creations of those who do here at the Art Bead Scene Flickr pool.



  1. You are a truly gifted artist! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the Art Bead Scene challenge. I love seeing how the same inspiration piece can bring out so many diverse points of view.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Nice painting. The awe-inspiring paintings are also described as ‘the antediluvian Sistine Chapel’.1200 visitors daily visit the cave. The initial climatic situation had been re-build and maintained with the assistance of a fully-automated system. The original caves were made in 1980 called as Lascaux II. The Great Hall of the Bulls with its vast-spanning murals comprises of animals like horses, stags and bulls. you can find beautiful art form based on the conventional ancient animal premise inclusive of bison, stag, ibexes. For more details refer
    Caves Of Lascaux



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