Monday, February 15, 2010

Mystery Monday - And we're BACK!

Yes Mystery Monday has returned, Thank you my readers for allowing me my trip around the world with OWOH this past week. Next year if Lisa has it again I shall be ready, because you really do need all three weeks to do this, not one! In fact for those of you participating in my One World One Heart giveaways, the Mystery of who my winners are will remain a mystery a bit longer as I was up late trying to visit as many of the other blogs on the journey as I could before the deadline (I actually fell only 10 shy of seeing half of them!). So I haven't drawn my winners yet, but I will contact each and every one of you when I do later today and will post the results. Since you are here you may want to get in on my weekly Mystery Monday giveaway. The rules are simple.

1. View the Mystery Photo
2. Leave a comment on this post saying you are participating
3. Email me with your guess (I allow up to three) before next Monday, but DO NOT post your guess in the comments! :)
4. Next Monday I will draw a name from all the correct guesses and they will win a mystery surprise from me!
5. If you guessed correctly but your name is not drawn and you participate in the next Mystery Monday your name will be added twice, so that's two chances to win! So it pays to keep coming back and guessing, and besides that, it's fun! It's not just guessing what the photo is, but it helps to stretch your eye towards details and if you are an artist in any medium that will help you tremendously in your artwork!

So without furthur ado, I present you with this week's Mystery Monday Photo:

Yes, this one is in Black and White so you have to use your imagination more. Color gives us so much more information than we realize when we look at objects and shapes and wildlife even.

So, Animal , Vegetable or Mineral? I'll let you guess! :)



  1. You're right, that is a great exercise in "stretching your eye".
    I don't know WHAT that is, but it makes a neat design. I'll be anxious to find out!



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