Monday, February 1, 2010

New Mystery Monday Giveaway

A couple of weeks back one of the entrants suggested that the mystery picture might be an art supply, which got me to thinking. Why not take a closer look around my studio, plenty of photo opps there! So for this weeks Mystery Photo I give you a tiny peek inside my studio.

The winner will win a Goody box of crafting/jewelry supplies. I loved grab bags as a kid, whenever we traveled and they had grab bags, I always spent my hard earned money on them. I think I was buying more into the anticipation and surprise more than the item itself and it was always exciting. I hope you all feel the same and will take a guess at this weeks Mystery photo.

Remember the rules:

1. Comment on this post that you are participating.
2. Send me your guess at my email please don't post your guess on the blog. You can be as explicit as you want, don't worry about taking a wrong guess, you never know and that is the fun of this! Deadline Monday NOON Feb 8th.
3. If your guess is correct and you are not drawn as the winner and you play again next week your correct guess will count as an extra entry in that weeks drawing. Complete rules here.

So without further ado, here is this weeks Mystery Photo!

Remember to comment that you are participating and then send me your guess in an email! Have fun!


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. am sending you sn emsil. I think I know this one.

  3. Hi,

    Of course, I had to give it a try -- my email with the guess is on the way. :)

    Happy creating,

  4. Well, I want to try, but I don't see a photo! Baffling! My guess is nonetheless on the way!

  5. Ok... I'm going to try it Kate! :)

    MaryL :)

  6. I love giveaways...sending my email too!

  7. I'm going to guess too! Are you taking international entries though?

  8. Hi Shirley, thanks for playing, yes, I do ship to pretty much anywhere! :)



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