Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Team T International Tuesday ~ Catherine Reese

Did you know that we changed our name? We are now known as Team T International and are an official Etsy team! We have a Blog and we have a website for promotional purposes. And we are 47 member strong now and cover just about all the categories on Etsy.

It's snowy out again today and I so look forward to spring. And in that longing I'd like to introduce you to one of my team members Catherine Reese whose art will whisk you there under a spring and summer sky. Catherine has pursued artistic endeavors since a child, always looking to capture the nature around her. She started her business with her husband about nine years ago and they both devote full time to it.

Catherine's approach to each piece is as if the hand thrown pottery is a 3-D canvas. She draws her subject on with a special ceramic under-glazing pen and then fills in the lines with bright fun colors! She is especially enamored with the nature she finds around her and she became fascinated with the smaller creatures of the creation and started to use them as subjects in her works.

She has previously dabbled in other mediums such as water color, drawing, intaglio etching, photography and wood block printing and in hand thrown pottery she has found a way to incorporate all these talents.

Catharine appreciates the beauty around her and in her business and artistic processes she tries to be as 'green' as possible. Her kiln is partly powered by the sun and when taking her wares to art shows they travel in a truck that runs on recycled vegetable oil!

Truly a lover and respecter of nature, this artist fully appreciates the work of art the Master of all Artists has given us. I applaud her and her art and invite you to explore her shop at etsy Village Clayworks, I'm sure it will pick you up out of the winter doldrums, and make you dream of spring!



  1. I absolutely love Catherine's work, and am not surprised to learn her kiln is partially powered by the sun!

  2. Me too... I'm a HUGE fan... just love the gentle colors and sweet, nature-inspired critters. Also LOVE that she is 'green' artist... travels in a van run on vegetable oil... lovely!
    Blessings and magic,
    Donni (Fairyfolk)

  3. Thanks for the feature! I truely am blessed to beable to create with my hands the gifts that God has given me and to be able to recreate wonderful insects and creatures on my pottery. it's easy being GREEN knowing that i can do my part to help protect the enviroment which these little critters- my inspirations- live in!

  4. Catherine's work is gorgeous! That new plate at the top is absolutely adorable! It's going on the wish list..

  5. What a wonderful interview! It's so great to get to know Catherine a bit more!



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