Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cherry Pink!

Do you have an Etsy shop? Are you using Statsy? It lets you know when you are on the front page. I've been so busy I didn't even know my Pink Folded Anise Flower Bead was in a treasury!
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It was curated by my fellow Team T International member Jill of Thread Rare who makes beautiful silk Bridal and Couture Hair Accessories like this one.

This treasury is called Cherry Blossom Festival and even though I'm not much of a pink fan, this is beautiful to me. Perhaps because I spent yesterday afternoon under a Weeping Almond Tree and had a lovely afternoon in the park in the mid 80's! having an early dinner there while listening to the birds sing, enjoying the green grass underfoot and smelling the sweet fragrance of the other blooming trees in the Park. Such loveliness against the blue sky! This tree bloomed three weeks earlier than last year, mainly because we had normal Spring weather. It seems we went from tons of snow this winter , up until just a few weeks ago, to going into the 60's then 70's and this past week its be almost breaking records everyday! mid to high 80's, we had to put in at least one air conditioner last night because I can't acclimate that fast! There was a great breeze, by hot, from the south that was not cooling but going up to 30 miles an hour it even pushed a stained glass box off my dresser that was about 8 feet from the open window!

It looks so lovely against that blue, blue sky and I so enjoyed my time under this tree, and glad I got there before it dropped all its petals. They were falling on me like a gentle rain as I sat under it, reading and watching the others going by with their babies and doggies, enjoying this lovely warm Spring Day. A great way to end the last day of Passover.

I am totally not sure of this tree but I know that they have a whole bunch of cherry trees that will be blooming in the next few weeks so I know it isn't that, my best guess is that this is a Weeping Almond tree. They actually have two and for years I had driven by and said how I would love to have lunch under one of them. But they bloom and fade so quickly, I'd say within a week that I would come back and they were empty of blossoms and were in full leaf. Each year went by and I was disappointed , same thing always happened. But finally last year and again this year I was able to make my little dream come true!

I can't tell you how magical it was to sit under this beauty, which must be very old as I've never seen one this size, it is as large as a full grown Weeping Willow, which grow along the banks of the stream that I can over look while sitting under there. It was wonderful spending hours there, reading, eating, watching people walk by, and always with a smile, like 'I wish I'd thought to bring chairs and a lunch! ' :) I won't wax poetic to much more about this tree, but you should know I love trees in general and besides the Willow, Olive and Birch this has got to be my favorite tree! And here is a glimpse of what it's like to sit under it. I even took videos so I can relive it during the year, especially in the cold winter months as I long for Spring!

Go out and enjoy Spring! You've been waiting so long!

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  1. Those pictures were magical, I can see why you enjoyed your time under the tree, I would not want leave either.



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