Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's been beadin with my Beads? Anticipation Part 2

Ever since I opened my StudioARTBEAD Shop, when I wrap each one up and send it out into the world I wonder what wonderful thing it will become part of? Will it be added to someones growing art bead collection ;), we all have those, right? or will it become part of a bracelet, necklace, earrings maybe (when there are more than one) or maybe something even more extraordinary such as used as an embellishment on an article of clothing or a wonderful memento? In Anticipation I wait to see a photo in my feedback maybe to see what's become of it.

Yes, I've wondered about this from time to time and recently I've found out what a couple of my beads became part of after they left my studio and would like to share with you.

Just recently Judy of Judith B Designs and Flap Your Wings bought a few beads from me and she convo'd me last week to share what she'd made with one of them. I have to say I was overwhelmed a bit to see my little bead looking so wonderful in this creation! I did really like how this bead turned out and thought about keeping it for myself but gave it it's wings and it flew into Judy's more than capable, talented hands! Isn't this stunning? (and I'm not saying that because of my bead, but it does marry so well with all the other Organic elements doesn't it?). You can read about it and see more views on her blog or visit it in her Flap Your Wings Etsy Shop.

She Calls it 'Organic Obsession' and you can read why at her blog. I love how she's mixed in turquoise and bone, wood and other organic beads in a variety of textures and finishes! And the copper accents are just what it needed as I highlighted this bead with a copper/bronzing patina.
Now I feel inspired to do something similar with another bead but that may be impossible. You see when I make beads like that where I use many mediums of color besides the clay I don't do so from any instructions or tutorials, I just do! Sometimes I use chalks, watercolors, acrylics, alcohol inks, pigment powders, mica powders and embossing powders. Adding, sanding away, adding more, buffing, until I like it. It's like doing a painting but a miniature one and I never know how it will turn out, that is what makes it exciting for me and I love the Anticipation! So while I may come close my work is mostly one of a kind, especially with the organic texture sources I use, so your creation is sure to stand out!

Another of my recent customers is Lynn, of Beading Heart Art who is a fantastic Bead artist! She excitedly wrote me at etsy telling me how happy she was to come across my dandelion trio bead. It was perfect for a project she was working on. When I found this out it was kinda like kismet and I couldn't wait to see the finished result. I'll let her tell you about it......On her blog where she has used my bead to represent her three daughters on her Life Box, I am so honored to have a little piece of my art on this most lovely creation!

Here is the first post about it, called Emerging You just have to go see it, but come back, there's more!

It is gorgeous isn't it? But that's not the end, she has added much more bead work to this box which will sure to be an heirloom. Here is the Follow up post with it pretty much completed.

I can't wait to see what other talented Jewelry artists do with my beads! this is truly a wonderful fruit of Anticipation!

If you missed Anticipation Part 1, you can read it here.

Today is also Carnival Blog Day At ART BEAD SCENE and the subject is Anticipation. Be sure to click on my ABS Carnival Blogger button to go and see all the wonderful posts about the Anticipation seen from a beaders perspective!


  1. Truly incredible and inspiring works of art! I love seeing the journey that the art beads make (and I have to start setting more of my collection free!). Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Thanks Erin, and thanks for taking time to stop by! Kate

  3. Kate it has been a wonderful collaboration! I am looking forward to more of your artist creations. Such a lovely post.

  4. Thank you Judy! I sure love what you did with it!

  5. You are so kind Kate! I will indeed treasure that bead forever . . . .

  6. These are GORGEOUS! I realize I am posting almost a year later so hope you see my compliments. Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it!



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