Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honestly, Have you heard? More Treasurys than ever! (and tips for PC artists)

Have you heard the news at Etsy? They have made their newest Treasury making application in Beta version live now called Treasury East. You can read all about it here. (See below for how to use this newest feature as an artists color inspiration tool. )

Being part of a Treasury Team (our website) at Etsy Called Team T International (our blog) one of our main activities is of course, making Treasuries!

It was always difficult to remember to look and see when they would open, and then remember when that was and I forgot and missed way too many times! If you too have been frustrated by this, Treasury East is for you! You don't have to worry about being at your computer when it opens, and hope to get one of the 'prized slots'. You instead can go here 24/7 and start your Treasury. AND now ALL 16 slots show up in your treasury, no alternates!

Also these don't have an expiration date and you can change them around all you like. There are some hints when you fill them out on the side but there's a couple I did not know about until I experienced it a few times doing my first one and I'd like to share with you to save you some time and trouble.

When you do a Treasury Main or Treasury West you have to wait to get the Make your treasury screen open up. If you get your title in and click to make your treasury, it is made and saved in the system. You don't have to fill it in right away and you can come back and find it easily. It is different with Treasury East. You click to make a new treasury from a different way but even though you put in a title and start adding your items it is not saved! If you hit the back button, you loose it all. So, be aware of that when going back and forth getting the listings you want to add to your treasury. Frequently save (at the bottom of the page you will see the SAVE button) your item additions. And also there is no OK button. Once you enter your listing number in the slot under the picture frame you have to hit your 'Enter' button, then the item will appear. I suggest to save what you have for each row. That way you won't have to go back and redo it three times like I did! ;)

Here is my first, give it a visit please, even if you don't click on anything, just so I can see how that works. Also you don't have a count of how many clicks on each individual item like before, but a total from all 16 selections on the right side bar.

To make one, go here , then click on the button on the right hand side that says " +New Treasury". You can make as many as you want! On that front page to the left of that link you will also see another link "Your Treasuries" which will take you to a page that has all the Treasury Easts you have made. Have fun!

For those of you that are Polymer Clay artists and have read Maggie Maggios and Lindly Haunani's book 'Color Inspirations' and follow Maggie's blog Maggie Maggio - Smashing Color then you are familiar with her Collages. This is a great opportunity to use this technique without having to go through many magazines and cut out all those pictures. You can use The Explore Feature on etsy 'Color' and make your treasury/collages that way. Give it a try and see how your artwork improves!


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  1. This sounds perfect for me, I hate stalking the treasury countdown. Thanks for the heads up!

    Beautiful treasury too Kate.



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