Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful Vegan Brushes Softer than the Natural kind!

I was sent some new make-up brushes to try. And being an artist I deal with a lot of brushes so I do take notice that these come from animals. Now anyone that is a vegetarian or vegan or who keeps Kosher will be aware of these things and be looking for alternatives other than the animal brushes that are out there. I've seen many synthetic brushes but they don't seem to work as well, feel as soft or hold the pigments on as you'd like. But these new brushes are different. You will notice as soon as you rub them against your skin. These brushes are gentle enough to use even on acne prone or sensitive skin.

Want to know more? Check them all out at DermaQuest Skin Therapy - Derma Minerals

If you love animals and have ever had the pleasure to pet a Chinchilla (I used to have one I named Sheldon) then you will have an idea how soft these are. But they are sturdy, come in protective cases and are Animal Friendly!

I'm talking about the NEW DermaBrush Collection that was created by a panel of top makeup artists and they are Eco-friendly Too!

Worried about your brushes getting contaminated over time? Not to worry here, they are antimicrobial too!

These wonderful vegan brushes come in nine styles.

· Kabuki Brush – big and fluffy, perfect for applying pressed or loose powder
· Foundation Brush – use for flawless and even liquid application
· Concealer Brush – perfect for applying concealer to problem areas
· Pro Multi-Task Face Brush – provides the perfect amount of bronzer, powder, or blush
· Pro Multi-Task Eye Brush – best for all-over eye shadow application and blending
· Tapered Contour Eye – use for easy application and eye shadow blending
· Dual Define Eye – double-sided brush for applying eye shadow and lining the eyes
· Precision Angle Eye Brush – suitable to define eye brows and line eyes
· Precision Lip Brush – use for precise lipstick application

I had the chance to try the big, beautiful, fluffy and thick Kabuki brush and have never used one with a better feel and ability to hold onto loose powder.The entire DermaBrush line is made of high-quality, synthetic fibers and are specially designed to compliment the DermaMinerals Line. Very, very soft and non-shedding too! I love that part!
And not just Vegan but also the Wooden handle brushes are part of a reforestation project! Love it!


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