Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carnival Bloggers June Surprise!

Ancient Metal Fish Fossil Necklace by Organic Odysseys

This month's theme for the ABS Carnival Bloggers is 'Growth' you can read what the B group has to say about Growth in their art by clicking here.

Since this coming month in June Milwaukee is hosting the Bead and Button show and many of our writers are attending the show Cindy decided to try something different. Those not attending are going to be making a Statement piece in honor of the Bead and Button Show.

We will be revealing our statement pieces on Thursday June 3rd, two weeks from today, so stay tuned to this space on that date to see what I come up with as well as links to all the others participating:

Janel Dudley
Patty Lakinsmith
Cindy Wimmer
Cindy Dolezal
Lyn Foley
Jen Judd
Kate Clawson
Mary Harding
Jeannie Dukics
Mary Lou
Chris Hansen
Cindy Gambrone

Nicole Keller



  1. I'm looking forward to it...and I need to get cracking! :-) What a beautiful necklace you featured in this post...the layout and colors are just perfect!

  2. What a very cool idea! (But really, I wish that you all could be at the show with me!)
    I love the colors on this piece. That is my go-to palette when creating. Your work is just lovely, Kate!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. HI Kate,
    I to wish I could be at B&B, but being a part of the ABS Carnival of Bloggers is just as fun without the travel.

    I love the PC pendant in this piece.

    Can't wait for June 3rd.
    jeannie dukic



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