Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogger Pages Comments

Hello my wonderful blog followers!

I have begun to use the new Blogger feature, Pages. I have made some and now have them at the top of the Blog which can be accessed from every page.

So far I have a page of a portfolio type of my art work which I have for sale in my AlmostARTifacts shop.

The next page is a listing of all the wonderful OWOH participants, a wonderful list of blogs of very creative people!

Treasury Page, I've started this page so as not to clutter up the main blog, but to have a record in one place of some of the wonderful Treasuries my art has been featured in. It also serves as a wonderful inspiration and color palette when searching for something fresh!

And last but certainly not least of my pages for now is my Team T International Page. Here is where you will find a list of all the Members of the now official TeamT international. It is a team of various artists in various categories that love to make treasuries and promote their fellow members.

Each month I try and highlight a good percentage of the members artwork.

I created this post for comments from any of the pages, or any critiques if you will!

I hope you enjoy them and maybe leave me a comment about ideas for other pages you'd be interested in seeing on my blog!

Thanks and have a Joy Filled Creative Day!


  1. What a great eclectic mix of team members!

  2. Fantastic collection! Great job! thank you very much for this effort and for this wonderful result! We have a incredible team!

  3. Looks fantastic Kate. That was gorgeous.^_^

  4. this is so wonderful of you to do kate! thank you so much for featuring me!



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