Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's photo is not exactly Memorial Day colors but think of it as the end to a beautiful weekend and this is the sunset! I hope you all have had a wonderful 3 day weekend. We got to spend some wonderful time at the lake, and even saw two red foxes! It must be the time for red foxes to be about because last week I looked out my front window where I sit and write to you from and there was a red fox trotting across the lawn not more than 8 feet from my narrow from porch! I grabbed my camera but only got a chance to snap his back legs and tail but it was a bit startling!

Yesterday I attended a lovely Memorial Day ceremony with my Vietnam Veteran Husband, one of which the likes I've never seen before. It was almost 3 hours long and gave honor to those who have served and to those still serving. It was very inspiring especially today when the veterans are barely a second thought on Memorial Day weekend which usually means shopping and picnics for most.

And today I hope to maybe take advantage of some of these sales once I get my work done in the studio, as we need a new AC, the one we have is so old and it's been in the very high 80's the past few days again.

So here is the last in the series for May. I choose this portion as I love the colors in it and hope it will inspire you to take a bit of time on this long weekend and devote is to art of some sort.

Now this week is a bit different. You will still email my your guess for what this could be. That will be entered into the general drawing. Then for a special drawing of all correct guesses, please send me a separate email (so I don't get them mixed up or miss anybody) with your guess of what all five of these pictures come from. Remember it is a single picture I have cropped into five different sections. Now you have to put them all together and see what you think it is.

Here's a reminder so you won't have to go searching for all the posts:

All correct guesses will be in a special drawing for one of my new spring beads and an assortment of bead soup ingredients to go with it!

You have until June 6th at midnight to make your guesses and the winner(s) will be announced on Monday June 7th.

For anyone that is new to my blog and/or this giveaway contest please see this post for instructions.

Remember: This month I have decided to go with a theme. All the pictures will be related. You can send your guess in as usual each week, but for the last week, I will ask you to give me a final answer. As you know all answers get an entry. But for this last week only those correct will be put into a bonus drawing. This is the fifth and last photo. Have Fun!

I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day spent with family and friends or have fun shopping! But remember a vet you may know today and thank Him or Her for their service to our country, it will mean more to them then you could ever image.


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