Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Voting Begins!

Time to cast your vote! Yes, voting is now open until next Tuesday at Midnight EST in the PCAGOE Faux Challenge!

Take a look at all the entries by clicking on the View Slide show " button below.

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This month I entered a rather large and entailed piece. It is a game board, that can be used for either checkers or chess, made from imitative turquoise ( my own recipe, stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial I am sharing with you all on how I do this!) and imitative ivory. That is 32 pieces of each! It took me over 70 hours to complete this and I think it is my first and last one!

On the Ivory ones, I have hand carved the letters of the Ancient Paleo, Phoenician, Canaanite, or Hebrew Alef-bet. This one I used, mainly comes from around 700bce and uses some of the letters found on the inscription in Hezekiah's tunnel In Jerusalem. If you have visited my other etsy store AlmostARTifacts you know of my devotion (obsession?) with ancient languages, especially those of the Middle East.

I have mounted the tiles onto a wooden tray that I have pyro engraved and stained. So this is my entry to the challenge, but there are many more and all wonderful pieces! So why not take a moment, go here, look them over and cast your vote! And for your time and comments ( we love comments) you will be entered into a drawing of some cool prizes which you can see here.




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