Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Accidental Art

Woke up to another snowy, icy, day, defiantly not like the beautiful snow over the weekend that snowed just enough and iced just enough that when the sun came up turned my yard into a winter wonderland. This picture is from that time. Today we are getting rain, ice, snow and constant warnings of flooding on the news.

Glad I don't have to go anywhere today. Yesterday went to the feed store to stock up on corn,mixed seed sunflower seeds and safflower seeds as well as some peanuts to keep all my outside critters fed well in this very cold weather.

I've got an old bamboo table set up on my front porch just outside my bay window where this winter I have placed a work table. I do my photo work here, taking pictures and editing, as well as some finishing of my artwork. It has three shelves and each one is filled with seed. The woven rattan top helps to pull moisture away so the seed doesn't get flooded or frozen to the top, and the birds and squirrels love it, it gives them a change of venue from the back yard which I can see to my left out the patio doors to the picnic table which they claimed as their own years ago.

My table by the window also makes a great place to have breakfast. This morning called for something hot and 'stick to your ribs' so I made some hot and tasty cereal from Bob's Red Mill. Now this is formulated for people who can't have gluten but is tasty for those who can. I add some cinnamon, allspice, a pinch of cardamon, pure maple syrup a pinch of sea salt, raisins and some chopped nuts and cook for 10 minutes. Then I Top off my bowl with a dab of organic butter and edge the rim with cream! Smells great and helps to warm you up and get you going! (Especially in other areas too because it is full of fiber!)

Sometimes you just never know where a beautiful piece of art may come from, for me, it came in my humble bowl of cereal. ( Click on photo to enlarge, it reminds me of the Spin Art I used to do at Summer Camp and down the Shore at the Boardwalk!).

What do you think, ever had an accidental artwork just happen before your eyes? Tell me about it and have a good, warm, comforting day!



  1. Oh yeah! I can see some very cool art in that! :))) Abstract art is everywhere I turn... colors, textures, lights and darks... just love it! :)

  2. Cool art in a bowl! Love the way you see the world.
    Hope you are keeping warm. It is so windy here tonight. Feels like we could all just blow away, and it is so bitter cold. A beautiful, calm, peaceful snowy day minus anywhere to go would be just the ticket for me.

  3. There are people who do see art and inspiration in unexpected places.
    And there are people who just don't .
    Thanks goodness there are wonderful blogs like yours for the "see-ers' to share ideas.
    Actually your breakfast made me think of this months Art Bead Scene painting .
    The only criteria it lacks is to "use at least one art bead" if you could just plunk a bead in top of your cereal ,I think you'd have a unique entry ! LOL!
    stay warm :D m.e.

  4. LOL, M.E. Do the Raisins count? :)



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