Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now you Know..........

Well... you may already know this, my favorite female singer is Norah Jones. I love so many of her songs and her exquisite way of singing even old favorites. Believe it or not, my silver Koi Cosmo, whose tank is right next to my Stereo, loves her too. He is quite spastic, not used to being in a tank, we brought him in from the pond and he is very flighty, but when I put Norah's CD on, he swims over closest to the Stereo and just hangs out there, or very gracefully swims around in that corner. His favorite is 'Come Away with me', but he also loves 'One Flight Down'.

I happen to been able to catch the treasury going off last night and this song was stuck in my head so that is what I went with. I made a Treasury Titled, 'Now you Know' and tailored all my picks from the lyrics in this song. If you aren't familiar with them here's a link to the lyrics, I've had trouble finding the correct ones as those who post these things have their own interpretation apparently but this is the most accurate , the only incorrect part I saw was the line 'Here at least you see your ancient face', is supposed to be 'Here at last you see your ancient face'.

Stay tuned as I shall be using this technique soon at StudioARTBEAD! And check out the shop this week, I've some new buttons and beads in the shop, the first set I listed yesterday already sold! :)


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