Friday, December 18, 2009

More Places to find Pardo!

I told you all a few weeks back that my state is now the proud residence of some new Hobby Lobby Art and Craft Stores. I made my maiden voyage there and found my first Kato and Pardo in a B&M SHOP! thrilled yes, but now I have more news to share.

I signed up for the Hobby Lobby newsletter right away of course so I could be notified of upcoming sales and the newest news I received from them is starting January 2010 they will be going online for shopping! Now even if you don't have one nearby you can still shop there and hopefully Pardo and Kato will be one of the items offered online. But they gave me a link to another online shop that actually does carry Pardo and it's on sale right now!

I think back in February when I ordered it online even with the discount I was given for paying for a subscription to a 'club' I think I still paid around $6 for the 2.7 oz size. When I went to Hobby Lobby I purchased it for regular price of $4.99 but this place has the same size for $3.74! only a sqeek more than the Sculpy Studio clay price in my local shops. They also are offering 17 different colors, a bit more selection than what I found at Hobby Lobby when I was there. I also purchased the smaller size at $2.99 and at Crafts Etc! this size of 1.2oz is $2.24.

Yes, That's CRAFTS ETC and they are now offering Free Shipping on orders over $25! Cool huh? I'm sure if you go and take advantage of the 25% off in the craft department which is where you will find all the clay and get at least $25 worth the shipping free you will save even more per bar, almost like getting Premo!

They have a huge selection of all kinds of clays and related items so check out the sale on these also:

Kato Polyclay ( $1.49 right now!)

Here's the link directly to the Craft department CLAY section. go NOW! :)

It says 25% off in the crafts dept until today so get over there quick! That is where the clay is located.

I think I am going to go off my clay diet just this once to take advantage of this great sale, hope you do too!


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  1. Wow! I did not know we had a Hobby Lobby! Thank you so much for this information. The store is about 15 minutes from me. have to check it out!

    I love your work. We seem to appreciate the same muse... BTW I went to K.U. :^)



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