Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace on Earth

Silly Holiday movies, the tv schedule is full of them. I finally found something else on late last night, with Sandra Bullock one of my favorite actresses, Miss Congeniality 2:Armed and Fabulous.

Among all the glitz and glam and slam, hope did shine through in the very last scene, that reckoned back to the first movie. Gracie Hart though it silly and fru fru stupid girlie the whole contest thing, which yes, I agree, but one thing those girls had right, and she realized it in the end was the one thing one would wish for, and that was for World Peace.

As she says in the last scene of #2, to the little girl who wanted to be like her, "Until you admit that fighting is never the answer. Ever. Because what do we really want? Anyone? Nobody? Nobody knows? [Priscilla raises her hand] Priscilla, what do we want?

Priscilla : All we really want is World Peace.

Wishing this for you and yours and the family of Earth at this Season.


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  1. Hi Kate, I love this post. The message is one we need to hear, and I wish we could all live out.
    What touching photos of the morning doves all poofed out with their winter plumage. I've been so busy I can hardly breathe lately, and I finally had a couple minutes to call my own, so I came to see what you've posted. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It made my day.



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