Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Featured in the Elite Eight Again!

S and O Productions Blog which has a weekly feature called the Elite Eight has featured one of the treasury's I am currently in. It is called 'Eye Candy' and features lots of yummy little jewels for gift making and giving. Included in this treasury is this faux amber bead 'repaired' with faux turquoise from my new shop StudioARTBEAD.

The Elite Eight for this week can be found here on this very elegant blog.

I was also favored back in September to have been in another treasury that was included in their Elite Eight. One called 'Lime Garden' where my Live Oak Leaf recycled vase was featured.

The S and O stand for Sarah and Olivia who are sisters and have a beautiful blog where they promote Art and handmade.

A quote from their blog:
Sarah and Olivia are a pair of adorable sisters and together they make up S and O productions; where they share (with the world) their stylish inspirations, lengthy and unabridged tales of the ups and downs they’ve come across in their cooking, writing, photographing, and crafting, journeys. They enjoy scouring the internet for bushels of talented artisans (whom they heartily admirer) and showcasing their work here on this little patch of blog they call their own:)
Give them a visit and check out those beautiful treasuries! Also stop by the Eye Candy Treasury, and here's a few more I am in currently.

A Colorful Christmas - One of my Art Beads from StudioARTBEAD
White Monday - another of my art beads
A Delightful Evening Indeed! - Dill Candle holders from my OrganicOdysseys shop
Holiday Treats - My Vintage Lesney Locomotive from my PolkaDotSandals shop

I am adding lots of new beads in StudioARTBEAD this week, as well as some new items in PDS and new Organic gifts like Herbal Wine Charms in OrganicOdysseys so stop by and take a look!


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