Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bead Soup Giveaway Winner Revealed!

Hi! For 'What's new Wednesday' we have the finale of the Super Bead Soup Swap II. Lori Anderson did a great job as did all the participants in taking someone else's ingredients and making them their own. Many had them stewing on the back burner for weeks, tweaking their recipes with a bit of this and a smattering of that, until the dish was finally done to perfection.

I know I agonized over mine, using an opportunity to shop at a local Bead Show to find some extra ingredients to add, buying too much and only using a bit of all I got in the end, but I am pleased with the results and thankful to all you who stopped by to visit my blog and see my soup reveal and enter my giveaway.

I wanted to have something special for this event and I discovered this book back a few months ago. I have also this year joined SwapTree where you can trade your read and used books for those you want thus passing on to others and keeping them out of landfills, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money at the same time. The only cost is the shipping. But this particular book I knew I wanted to pass on to a fellow beader and what better than a giveaway for the Bead Soup II Swap?

So my First part of the prize is the first Kitzi Camden Mystery by Barbara Burnett Smith Called Bead on Trouble. (There is a second in the series out you may want to look for called Beads of Doubt.)

With a four and a half star rating at Amazon you can see that this book enthralled those who read it and made a review. I hadn't read a good mystery for awhile and this was a very comfortable and interesting read for me. Set in the summertime at an old Summer camp from the main characters childhood, the venue is a Beading retreat, something I think we all would love to do someday. What's at stake is a Big Beading contract any more than a few covet being awarded this big prize. Also intertwined is a lost love relationship with the brother of an old friend of Kitzi's and maybe new love interest as well. So if you can't get to your own beading retreat this year, you can live one vicariously through Kitzi. Check out your local library or find a copy here at and have a perfect Beaders summer read where ever you are!

The Second part of my prize was a promised 1/2 cup of beads. Not that I'm not generous (ask any of my customers about the mini soups they get in with their purchases) but I thought 1/2 cup sounded more 'recipe like' than a cup. So don't hold me to that measurement I'm sure it will be more. A selection from some older hoards, some vintage even and some newer purchases from my recent bead shopping even! I don't have a picture because I want to tailor it to the winner.

And The Third part was a Mystery surprise in the theme of the Bead Mystery Book, and that is a necklace I've made just for the occasion. Did I mention that Kitzi teaches her own class at the retreat on how to make beads? The recipe for it is included in the book. I took my cue from this and did my own version using stamps from around the world in all shades of browns. Then I used this as a focal bead to make this one-of-a-kind necklace for my winner. I choose neutral shades so it can go with anyone's wardrobe. I've used one of my new acquisitions, some of my very first silk hand sewn beading strings and some 'mystery' fiber I have been saving for just such a design. There are also Kukui nut beads (aka Candlenuts) that I brought back myself from Hawaii in the year of the Total Eclipse there (1991), some Copper coils and my own faux turquoise.

So after gathering all the names and using the RNG I have a winner and her name is..............

Elisabeth of Beads for Busy Gals. Here's her blog post about her bead soup reveal (which I missed and don't know how, I thought I got everyone!,)

Congratulations Elisabeth! And thank you to everyone who participated, commented, tweeted, became a follower and made this party a blast! Dont' forget I have an ongoing giveaway each month with Mystery Monday where the prize is something made tailored just for you!



  1. Wow what cool prizes and what a lucky winner, I'm sure she'll enjoy her giveaway stash.

  2. Couldn't get the picture to download on my phone, dang it, but am finally getting a chance to see what you made - BEAUTIFUL! It couldn;t be more perfect. This is the first bead blog giveaway I have won and as I said, I am OVER THE MOON! Thanks so much!

  3. I'm so happy for you Elizabeth. It is all packaged up and ready to go out in today's mail!



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