Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SOUP's ON! & GIVEAWAY Revealed!


Finally the day to serve up my Main course has arrived! I hope I whetted your appetite through the week with some sneak peeks and my mini reveal of the first course..............................
These earrings that were made with the leftovers from the ingredients sent by my Swap Partner Melissa Meman. Part of what she sent were those great white freshwater stick pearls. I've always admired them but never tried them until now. I love how they are drilled through the center and not end to end which gives you a horizontal element instead of the usual vertical one. Those are what I focused on first when my soup ingredients arrived. -------->

The focal is a Porcelain Jasper Pear drop which contains plum and mauve, something I've never worn, nor worked with. Then three rusty red jasper rounds. I have learned that Jasper, no matter what color (and it comes in so many) is a gemstone that helps with emotional stability and helps to ease stress. Perhaps I should have been carrying it around with me while trying to come up with the perfect 'recipe' for these ingredients because these colors sure stressed me out! I have never worked with these colors and put together ( the plum mauve and rusty red) I think I would have used a steel metal or gun metal with them, but Melissa choose Copper.
She made a beautiful clasp and toggle from copper wire and included two small copper bead caps. I could have mixed the wires together but I went with just the copper. Also included were three tiny purplish beads she didn't identify but some kind of stone, and she also made a torch fired enamel filigree bead that had the same deep mauvey plum color as the Focal.

I was determined to work with this combo, but knew it had to have a 'bridge'. I took my soup with me to the Bead show last week and bought all kinds of things I thought I could use with what Melissa sent me. I gathered what I had from the bead show, added from my stash , this and that, fiddled with everything and my original idea for the focal with a bought copper filigree piece and a porcelain pendant fell through. One by one I eliminated the beads and components I got to go with it and played with the copper chains I'd purchased. I could get nothing to work. I didn't just want to do a simple wire wrap with the focal, it needed more. Then I remembered a bead 'cap' I made that was in my Bead Shop and tried it out. It was a bit too big and not the right color green but I quickly saw that's what I wanted. So I made a new one. I had wanted to use the green stone beads I'd gotten at the beads show, they looked like jade and the different shades I liked, so I made my leaf bead cap in a imitation jade from Polymer Clay.

Once this was done, it easily came together, I wanted to do a variety of chains and I used four different ones I had. I also wanted a asymmetrical design with the stick pearls on one side and the red/orange jasper on the other.

I taught myself lots of new techniques with this one and tried some new designing ways that I will use more in the future. I also threw out the window that the metal I used had to match. I used antiqued and bright and shiny copper in this one.

Here are the ingredients I added to what Melissa sent me:

6 Antiqued copper leaf bead caps to wrap the red Jasper beads
8 round and flat white fresh water pearls
1 Green stone ring wired for a connector
5 Amethyst nuggets
3 Assorted green Jade beads
4 triple ring twist copper spacers
4 copper beads, 2 melon 2 smooth
4 copper crimp covers
2 purple glass leaves
1 Faux Jade Lariat Bead Cap
4 styles of copper chain and links, smooth, twisted and flat
Beadalon Satin copper Wire

I used every single thing Melissa sent me except for one of the tiny purple stone beads. I think I did pretty good using all the components in one piece (the earrings only used the stick pearls but four of them are in the necklace). Tell me how do you think I did? It is long but I wanted it to hang mid chest so the focal swings freely, it has nice natural movement from the three copper chains I have freshwater pearls hanging from.

I'd like to thank Lori Anderson of Pretty Things for hosting another great Bead Swap! And to my partner Melissa Meman for giving me the opportunity to really stretch my design wings with this challenge!

And now for the promised GIVEAWAY! I've been holding onto this for just such a special occasion. If you are a regular follower of my blog you know that I hold a monthly giveaway called Mystery Monday where I post a piece of a photo and let you guess what it is. Winner gets a specially made for them custom gift. This is posted every Monday so if you aren't a follower be sure to stop by! But for this giveaway I've been wanting to share a great novel I bought and read recently. It is about what we all love .............BEADING! It is a mystery novel for those who like that and about a beading retreat. I found it very intriguing and got to sleep very late one night finishing it off! So if you are looking for that perfect novel to take with you on vacation, or anywhere you can't have your beads with you, this is it! It happens to be a giant print for those of you with more mature eyes, and also for younger eyes that have been strained by seed beading all day! :) And that's not all, I have made a special bead for this giveaway, that relates to the novel with my own twist.
You will also, in honor of the Bead SOUP swap be receiving a 1/2 cup of mixed beads, findings and components. And a secret surprise!

To participate you need only to leave me a comment on my Bead Swap menu.

To get another entry, become a follower (if you are already please leave a separate comment anyway)

For TWO more entries blog about this giveaway, or Tweet it or put it on Facebook. Please leave a comment for each that you do so my count will be easy!

For another entry, share the love and host your own giveaway, comment with URL by Next Tuesday.

Drawing will be held and winner announced Next Wednesday June 30th.

Now please take time to visit the others participants that are revealing their Swap creations today (my swap partner Melissa will be revealing what she did with the beads I sent her today too!).

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56. Melissa, Melissa Meman, Art, Life, Love (My Partner) - Melissa met the challenge of a very large dicronic glass leaf pendant I sent her in the soup. She made a fabulous entree with it and it is now served! I love what she did and how we both got to really stretch ourselves in this cook-off! :)

57. Kate, Organic Odysseys - YOU ARE HERE! :) Hope you like what you see, don't forget my GIVEAWAY

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59. Stefanie, Stefanie's Sammelsurium - Stefanie did a wonderful, fun and fresh main dish with her soup and it's just gorgeous!

Thanks for sticking it out to the end! :)



  1. I think you did a great job, kate. love the mix of copper chains

  2. Lovely work! Such an elegant piece. I'm not quite sure where to comment to be entered into your giveaway, but I'd love to drop my name in the hat if that's possible! And I'm a follower already :-)

  3. Love your necklace, it is wonderful how you describe the creative process and that you used all your soup ingredients. Love what you've done with the focal jasper. Great necklace, great job.

  4. Please add my name to the list for 1/2 cup of beads! I am a follower too. I will be back to get me some of your copper spirals... they would make great earrings!

  5. Ahhh copper and green .- I made the same decision. Great job!

  6. Beautiful and organic soup!! Love it!

  7. I love what you did with the focal! so Cute!

  8. great job. love what you did with the focal. the stick pearl are a nice addition.
    Bead Happy!

  9. OMGoodness girl your creativity astounds, I love the focal you created with her bead, absoloutly genius. I mean look at the veining in the polymer leaf, wow!!

    What a cool giveaway, wonder if I'll be lucky, I sure hope so :)

    Its been great to get a chance to vist your blog again. I hope to be a regular reader again once my life slows down a bit. Keep well,

  10. Awesome! I love how you brought it all together. Your bead cap is amazing. Lovin the mixed metals and different chains!!!

  11. wow Kate, I absolutely LOVE how this necklace all came together! It is beyond yummy and I would wear it in a heartbeat. (I don't normally wear long necklaces)

  12. I am already a follower :) add me to the soup give away please

  13. Tweeted from @dragonsglass.

  14. Your necklace is quite regal! I love the way the chain comes out of the flower bud. Very very pretty Kate!

  15. I love porcelain jasper myself--it's very pretty! I love how you took this stone and made into a flower! Very clever and shows a unique talent! Fabulous!

  16. The focal is incredible - really amazing!

  17. Kate,
    WOW !!! you managed to take components that
    were not "you" and make them say "Kate" !!!
    When I look at this design I can see your love of nature shining through. To me your design says ... take time to appreciate little details and notice how things are linked together.
    This is like a dessert made of vegetables!
    Good basic ingredients, combined in a very unexpected way.
    A wonderful piece ! m.e .:)

  18. Really wonderful! Your soup turned out perfect!

  19. Kate! Wow...I totally, absolutely love what you created! The green really makes the color palette sing :) I'm glad I was able to challenge you a bit, but you rocked it! My soup should be up this gave me a challenge as well!

  20. Hi Kate,WOW what at wonderful post. Your necklace is gorgeous and the description of your process really helped me to get inside your head. Please put my name in the hat for your giveaway.

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway too to celebrate my birthday (all week!)

  21. I thought I was already a follower (I have you in my blog roll) but I wasn't UNTIL NOW! Please add another slip of paper with my name on it to the hat -- I want thos beads!!


  22. Very Unique Soup and I love the wood spoon as a prop!!! The green leaf beads around your focal are amazing!

  23. The copper and green work very well! I love the copper chain. The necklace is stunning!

  24. Lovely necklace, the jasper focal is amazing. Really impressed with the polymer clay bead cap.

    Became a follower - I am also having a giveaway of my bead soup entry - but different! It's an auction, and the money raised will go to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

  25. I love how you put it all together with the leaves you made.

  26. you did a beautiful job on your bead soup necklace! I am now a follower of your blog, you give away is awsome! would love to win it! I love to read, and I am always looking for a good book! and the mystery cup of bead soup it a cool tie in......I always love a good mystery and suprises are nice too!

  27. Awesome necklace. You are so talented!


  28. great job, coppers always a favorite

  29. What a fun piece!! I love it :)

  30. Oh, Kate, you are just genius! I adore the focal - just love it, love it, love it! And I think it's great that you used all the elements in one piece, and made it work brilliantly!

  31. I can't believe you were stressed about this necklace. You put it together beautifully and with great creativity.
    Although I didn't participate in Bead Soup myself, I have discovered so many fabulous blogs, yours included, through it.
    I'll check in often and I'll post your giveaways on my blog as well.

  32. What a lovely way of capping the jasper!

  33. That pendant is terrific! I love the chain tendrils. And great photo props, too! You did such a good job!

  34. Love it! Great use of soup and added "spices" :)

  35. Very nice! Love what you did with the focal.

  36. Wonderful job! I love what you came up with! P.S. I'm a follower!

  37. Ahh copper and green should always be seen! I love what you have created - very nice.

    Thanks for the giveaway too - the book sounds very interesting and the beads... well that's pretty obvious!


  38. Thank you all for your wonderful and inspiring comments! Yes, I was really worried about this one. And it took me almost 5 hours to post it, I think I got more worked up about the post than the necklace after seeing so many others wonderful pieces!

    About the props, yes I bought that spoon just for the Bead Swap! I thought it might come in handy to serve it all up in. :)

  39. Beautiful design. I love the softness of the colors.

  40. Very organic look, plus you used every single bead you've been given! great job! smiles, Virginie

  41. Now that is a tasty treat! I love this, Kate. The custom bead cap, the mixed metal tones, the asymmetry. This has me written all over it. And you took the time to write something nice about all the people in your group. That is sweet of you. I would love a good book to read (assuming I actually have time to read it!). I am getting to work (FINALLY!) on my gallery exhibit. I think that the tulip painting might be next! I am so glad that I have the chance to work with you. You are very talented. Let your light shine. Enjoy the day! Erin

  42. You did a beautiful job and it's pretty amazing that you =\used all of the beads except one!

  43. I really love what you did with the bead cap. What a great addition to a lovely focal. Great job!

  44. Kate, your necklace is stunning! Love what you did with the pretty pieces the talented Melissa Meman....and I agree, it's okay to mix metals - sure adds depth and interest to the finished piece of jewelry. Your post was most interesting - so nice of you to recap the other participant's Bead Soup entries!

  45. WOW! I love what you did with the focal; how creative! The whole piece is so nicely balanced, and you did a great job of "bridging" this challenging mix of colors. Just... WOW. Love it.

  46. I went out of order and got behind on the bead soup reveals, but I am finally here! I LOVE what you did with the pear shaped pendant - so creative! I also like the mix of chains and the fact that you used all your bead soup. Very impressive bead soup!!


  47. I love the whole piece!!! I never think to just go make what I need out of polymer clay, but that's a great option and I love how the green ties the design together. Very cool!!!

  48. Thank you all for your wonderful and inspiring comments! I wish I could write to you all in person but I have a winner to go drawn from all these names! Thank you all for coming to see my Bead soup and participating in my Giveaway!

  49. Super creative! Two thumbs up for a great job!!



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