Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mystery Monday for June

Each Monday a new photo will be posted. Follow the same as before, comment here that you are participating, and then email me your guess. Every Monday a new photo will be posted but we will only have one winner per month. All the responses will be put in the drawing, and yes I am still going to put in everyone's name, right or wrong, it's That you played that counts! :)

So, then at the end of the month I will draw one name from all those who emailed me a guess for all the months photos, (yes you can do one week, two weeks, etc or all!) and the winner will get a special Mystery Monday gift just for them. This way I don't get overwhelmed and no one will get shortchanged. I am doing this because I know it's great to get something just for you because you are special, and my readers are special to me. I found out that this is a world wide feeling when participating in the OWOH event as I choose to make something special for each of my winners. In fact they each got two gifts! So I want to continue this on through out the year which will carry us through to the next OWOH event.

I know many of you have found my blog and become followers through that event but maybe didn't win the giveaway so this is like another chance, or many more! :)

So I hope you all will continue to participate, and don't worry, if you won before, that's ok, please keep playing. If I draw a name of a previous winner I will give you a 'consolation prize' and draw a new winner so you still have a chance too!

And now for this weeks photo

The only hint I will give you is that this is a part of a reproduction of a famous painting by a well known Master Artist (deceased). What I want from you is either the name of the painting or the Artist.

PS, also a great palette to work from for a summer design if you are looking for that special inspiration!

Have fun!


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