Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fairy Flower ring

I don't believe in fairies, but if they did exist I would imagine they would like to wear rings like this!

I started working on a series of rings a few weeks ago. This is one of them. It seems that the purple color I have chosen for this and other pieces recently has become the newest fashion color statement this season, called, organically enough, ( smile) eggplant. I have used it in this Sweet Bell Pepper blossom ring and mounted it on a copper filigree pedestal that sits atop an adjustable copper ring base. The piece is square, but beveled and tapered down to imitate the table of a jewelers cut stone.

I really like the ethereal way this turned out. The white paint gives it a ghost impression quality while still showing the delicacy of the very thin and translucent petals. I have a few more on the way and will be listing them soon on etsy.com.

I do have some more ideas for rings that aren't button pad types but more artistic. I will be experimenting with these ideas in the coming days.

UpDate: I listed this on etsy last night, but it hasn't received many views yet. I suppose it's waiting for the righ purple princess to come along and claim it!

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