Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tomato Treasury!

I was just browsing the Treasury at etsy and came across this!

One of my three tomato and garlic broochs! In fact I just listed another today, before knowing this one was in a treasury. It sure was a wonderful surprise! You can see the new one here.

I sure am going to miss going out to the farm and picking from the U-Pick-it area, those plump red and yellow tomatoes, to bring home and slice for sandwiches, or salads and especially to make sauce and soup! There is nothing comparable to homemade organic tomato soup, it's more than Mmm, Mmm Good!

I'm also glad I took the initiative to make molds of the tomatoes while I could. The ripe ones don't work, but the green did fairly well, and I got a few different kinds, along with the very interesting leaves. Tomato branches are made up of leaves that imitate the leave on the branches. Most are asymmetrical near the stem which gives them a very distinct look. The first sale I made on etsy was a key fob which had an imprint of two different tomato leaves, one on each side. While out at the farm on Labor Day , DH was happily picking fall raspberries while I sat at my portable picnic bench and table and worked on impressing specially picked leaves into the clay I had pre-prepared before coming to the farm.

After the sun went down and it was impossible to continue working, we ate a picnic dinner I had brought with us while watching the fading colors in the sky over the pond. I had cooked hamburgers before we left and quickly wrapped them in foil and then a towel and then put them in an insulated bag. When we got there I put them on the cars hood to stay warm and they did! We had burgers and some potato salad, and a green salad I supplemented with freshly picked tomatoes from the field.

Simple but delicious, eating right there on the corner of the field and watching the sun go down and the moon come up by candlelight. Food couldn't have tasted any better nor could the atmosphere be topped by the best 5 star restaurant!

Certainly a day to remember, and one I will recall over the cold winter.

Nothing says summer like fresh picked tomatoes!

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  1. That sounds like the perfect day. Can I please have your life?



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