Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My First Featured Treasury

Still trying to get the hang of this thing, it is a bit different than my other blog, so a bit scary. I was so pleasantly surprised and thrilled on Monday. I was loading some pictures into the laptop when I decided to take a break and check out the Treasury West. As I was scrolling down looking for an enticing title I spotted a gold star. I had to go back and check, and sure enough, there was one by the title:

Beauty and Grace.

It has expired now but I have learned to take a screen shot on my new pc.

There is my Nasturtium Pod finished just recently nestled amongst all those lovely aubergine jewels. It really pops off the page. At first I was surprised because all the other items are cool, subdued, but it sure made a lovely setting for my Pod, and I just love those nasturtiums. In fact the more I have worked with them, the more I have come to love them, the lovely fragrance , which I haven't been able to find in any scented item, ( someone needs to bottle this as essential oil) as well as the leaves that look like miniature lily pads. Each blossom is very strange and intriguing as well, composed of five different petals, and after being spent the ovary swells and this alien looking seed pod emerges. I have taken advantage of all this in this piece so it is a true study in this wonderful edible plant! I am so happy that others appreciate this as well. Thanks to WelshFudge for including me!

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