Monday, November 10, 2008

New set ups, New Treasury, New Techniques

I've been working with a new photo set up, and found some more tips to try out with photoshop which I will be experimenting in the coming days. I've joined the Polymer Clay Guild at etsy, my first guild and am excited to be able finally after all these years to 'talk' to others about clay that won't get bored like friends and family! lol, I Have featured some of my new friends on a Treasury I got early this morning.

Treasury West

I hope this brings some traffic to their stores, I love all the talent I am discovering there! I have featured Mosaico, LaurelSteven, ZsBcreations, Starless, Studiobijou, Cocojaneandme, with alternates Naftali, Gingerbellsgifts, please check out their shops, wonderful artwork!

I have also been playing with some ideas for working with all the molds I made this past season from all the produce at the farm. I started with a few finishes that I thought would highlight the delicate veining of the botanicals.

Such as the one I call Scrimshaw

The Tuscan
This one I use when I highlight the impressions with pastel chalks, carefully blending them into the clay. I have a special technique I've developed to give it this old world look, like something you would find in a stucco house hugging the cliff side on the Mediterranean.

And the antiqued

Or Vintage as seen in this garlic and golden tomato brooch . I had such fun making these with the molds I made from the fresh garlic bulbs and tomatoes. These are the main finishes I've been using along with some natural looking ones to imitate the veining of the natural plant. Like the Eggplant leaves, where certain varieties have green leaves but a purple veining and purple fuzz covering the leaves. But I want to make more of a fashion statement , so that my pieces will be more wearable and I have been working on various finishes that I will be debuting in the weeks to come, so be on the lookout for them here and at my etsy shop.

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  1. This is so fascinating! I'm really looking forward to seeing all your new stuff. I especially love the scrimshaw.



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